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BDO Banco De Oro Unibank : Cards (S5) | FAQs pp.1-5



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    How to determine if my cards are under SCCL or not?

    Use of the Credit Card Limit and Shared Credit Card Limit
    In case you are issued two (2) or more BDO Credit Cards, BDO may, at its sole discretion, give a separate Credit Card Limit for each of the card issued or a consolidated Shared Credit Limit (SCCL) for all such cards.

    Shared Credit Card Limit
    Shared Credit Card Limit is the Credit Card Limit assigned to you across all your BDO Credit Cards.

    *All future BDO Credit Cards will have the same SCCL, unless required documents for Increase in Credit Limit (ICL) are submitted.

    Note: To check if your credit card account is under the Shared Credit Card Limit or NOT, your Total Customer Limit should be equal to  your Credit Card Limit (as indicated on your card carrier).

    TOTAL CUSTOMER LIMIT (TCL), also known as CUSTOMER CARD LIMIT (CCL) is the sum of all credit limits of your credit card
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    Is 6-month-waiting rule stricty implemented?


    Six-month-waiting rule is the general rule. However, di naman talaga restricted na nasusunod iyan at depende sa spending habits o card usage.

    Pwede ka humiling ng sunud-sunod na buwan, na para bang max out lagi ang CL mo at pinapakita mong kailangan ka talaga taasan ng CL. (Especially for the transactors). Kumbaga laging gamit na gamit na gamit na gamit na gamit ang card!

    Just like in my case, humiling ako monthly noong last quarter of 2016, approved naman lahat. That time, malaki talaga ang card usage ko.

    O pwede ring mismo ang BDO na ang magkusang bigyan ka ng instant CLI.

    Syempre ganyan talaga ang litanya ng mga CSR. 6-month-rule e. PERO SYEMPRE may ginawa akong diskarte.

    Ginaya ko lang naman ang strategy ng kapwa nating PExer na sina run_dull at Jake2.0 na lambingin ang CSR at hiniling na pwede ba siyang humiling ng another CL increase kahit kaka-increase ko lang o na-decline sa previous request ko. Kailangan mong mapapayag na makahiling ulit ang CSR para sa iyo despite of the 6-month-interval. IDAAN KASI SA DISKARTE ALA RUN_DULL!!! Hehe.

    P.S.: All requests are subjects to bank's approval.
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    What are the ICL strategies among PEXers?

    -collections of information from PinoyExchange.Com Cardmembers' Community-

    Upon Cardmember’s Request, subject to Issuer’s Approval
    -File an Income/Financial Documents
    -Make BPI Express Credit/BPI Family Cards (“BPI Cards”), Metrobank/PSBank Cards (“MCC”), HSBC or Citibank’s Card Limit as your card reference, provided that the reference Card Issuer has a higher credit line than your BDO cards.
    -ICL request plus Card Upgrade
    -Card Limit Consolidation of your BDO credit cards that initially under Separate Limit scheme
    -Branch Banking Endorsement | Private Banking Endorsement

    Theories or assumptions to get Bank-Initiated ICL
    -Make BDO Cards as your primary bank card
    -Use your BDO Card in recurring payment system (utilities), travel, dining, electronics/gadgets/appliances, and fuel/gas.
    -Pay your bills such as but not limited to Credit Card Bills and Utility Bills via BDO Online Banking
    -Be an SM Advantage/Prestige cardmember
    -If qualified, avail Balance Transfer, provided that the Destination Card Issuer has a higher credit line than your BDO cards.
    -Avail Cash Installments such as EasyPay Cash, Cash Now Pay Later, EasyPay Convert/Balance Convert, Cash It Easy OR Cash Advances.
    -(For AXP cardmembers): If qualified, avail Cash Installments such as ExpressPay Cash, ExpressPay Convert OR Cash Access.
    -Make no installments; ONLY one-time charged transaction
    -NEVER request for an Increase in Credit Limit
    -Be a transactor, always pay in full amount and on time.
    -Maximize the credit limit (If you can)
    -Be in good credit standing to all credit institutions
    -Do not ever use BDO Card and use always its competitor Card Issuer to the maximum/highest level (sooner or later, BDO will match your CL in your BDO cards against competitor Card Issuer)
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    What to do when you become a victim of fraud schemes?


    BDO Fraud Management Unit
    (+632) 7026888

    If you have an unauthorized transactions on your BDO Credit Cards, Diners Club International® Cards issued by BDO or The American Express® Cards issued by BDO, you need to do the following:
    1. Call the Customer Contact Center and report that your card has an unauthorized/fraudulent transactions. REPORT IMMEDIATELY.
    2. Call the Fraud Management Unit and ask for Dispute Form.
    3. Once you have that Form, fill and file it to Fraud Management Unit (Send to [email protected]).
    4. Once your Dispute Form officially on-file on their system, call the Customer Contact Center and ask for temporary reversal of all disputed transactions.
    5. Investigation will take 65-80 banking days, as per policy.
    6. Coordinate with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Consumer Affairs Department.
    7. PRAY! Pray that the result of the investigation will favor to you (“the legitimate cardholder”).
    8. When there’s a finality on their investigation, if you win this dispute case, the temporary reversal of the fraud transactions will become permanent. But if you lose, you will be charged again and it’s up to you if you want to pay it or not. 

    Please note that once you do a “STOLEN CREDIT CARD CALL”  the credit card company holds the “funds” that would have been paid to the merchant or store. In effect, the funds are floating and therefore, they do not need to pay the merchant or store and so…. the store does not need to be paid and therefore you do not owe anybody.

    Why will the credit card company say that you owe them money if they did not pay the merchant or store? And if the merchant or store did not abide by asking for a valid identification from the credit card user (thief), then the store is held liable for their security breech or incompetence.

    Now if the credit card company paid the merchant or store even after you reported that the credit card was stolen and you did not do those fraudulent transactions, then it is the credit card company’s fault for paying the merchant or store. It was their choice in giving a payment even if the transaction was reported to be fraudulent.

    It is “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES” that these credit card companies do not do anything to protect the honest credit card owners. With their policies, they are actually protecting the thieves and even persuade these thieves to steal more credit cards since the fault will be blamed on the victim. (PAGBABAGO PILIPINAS)


    PAGE 123, THREAD II [AXP & DCI Cards]
    run_dull: may unauthorized transaction din na na-charge sa BDO Credit Card ko sa Japan. Pina-reverse ko rin sa BDO. Nag-temporary reversal muna sila; then sabi nila after 3 months kapag may na-charge ulit sa akin, ibig sabihin, di na-approve ang permanent reversal. Pero eventually wala naman na-charge sa akin and na-reverse ito permanently.

    Strong7Power: Naging biktima rin ako ng UNATHORIZED TRANSACTION sa Banco De Oro.

    Noong nalaman ko na biktima ako, tumawag agad ako. At ni-reverse agad TEMPORARILY para di mag-incur ng charges sa next bill. PERO Temporary lang ah.... Under 65-80 banking days ang investigation.

    During those time, di ko ginamit ang specific BDO card na iyan. Pero ang ibang cards sa BDO, ginagamit ko pa rin. So sabi ko sa BDO, i will also coordinate with BANGKO SENTRAL. Then voila, na-REVERSE PERMANENTLY ang fraud transaction, though it took three months bago binigay ang final verdict.

    PAGE 125, THREAD II [AXP & DCI Cards]
    Strong7Power: Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit na-transact successfully.

    Never ko ni-reference ang card na ito sa mga card applications. Never ko rin ginamit online. Never pa napadpad ang card ko na hindi ko nakikita (like restaurants when make payment). At lahat ng credit cards ko ay may special sticker sa signature panel covering the Card Security Code. In short, wala akong idea kung bakit nagtagumpay.

    Ang sabi ko pa, dapat tumawag ang BDO dulot ng pagkaalarma kasi nga hindi ko pa nagagamit online e. Tapos, almost 40,000 Peso ang halaga. (Noong na-transact na, may sumunod na transaction, after three hours yata; pero this time, unsuccessful dahil naka-block na ang card number).

    During the investigation, nakipag-ugnayan na rin ako sa Bangko Sentral. Siguro, nakatulong din ang ginawa ng BSP.

    As for BDO card replacement, wala akong binayarang card fee due to fraud.

    Mainam na may Temporary Reversal of Transaction ang BDO during the Investigation of Dispute Transaction/s.

    Humingi rin ako ng tulong sa mga kaibigang kong IT kung bakit nangyayari ang mga ito.

    honeybea: Wow, malaki-laking amount pala, buti na lang at naka-monitor ka talaga sa account mo. Ang galing kasi ng mga kawatan ngayon, hi-tech talaga sila na.

    gibsonfan: TEMPORARY REVERSAL: Buti nga ang BDO may ganito. Labo talaga nang magbabayad ka pa ng fraudulent transaction. Di mo naman kasalanan. In other countries, reverse agad iyan. May insurance naman sila for these things.

    honeybea: Iyon na nga eh napag-iwanan na talaga ang mga CC providers natin dito sa Pilipinas. May mga nabasa pa ako dati na hindi na-reverse ang disputed transactions sa EWB parang sa online naman ginamit. Mukhang na-hack system nila dati kasi isang katibayan na ang naunang pinalitan nila card ko dahil sa dahilang "compromised" daw kahit di ko naman ginagamit.

    run_dull: May unauthorized transaction din na na-charge sa AMEX ko sa Japan. Pina-reverse ko rin sa BDO. Nag-temporary reversal muna sila; then sabi nila after 3 months kapag may na-charge ulit sa akin ibig sabihin, di na-approve ang permanent reversal. Pero eventually wala naman na charge sa akin and na-reverse ito permanently.

    honeybea: Matagal pala talaga ang fraud investigation ng mga CC providers...pero buti sa BDO, 3 months lang. Mabuti sa BDO, may temporary reversal hangga't maging permanent once na mapat7nyan

    Strong7Power: Everyday ko naman tsinetsek lalo na ngayon, naging biktima ako.

    Mas lalo na akong naging maingat.

    Sabi nga nila, with great credit limit comes with great rensponsibility.

    Marami pa namang reports dito na milyun-milyon na ang CL.

    We need to be vigilant nowadays.

    leedongwook: How recent is this strong? Anong specific card mo ito sa BDO? AXP ba? 
    Like what i mentioned in HSBC thread, may purpose ang mga low CL cards... SECURITY. Worse comes to worst (wag naman sana mangyari) na mabiktima ng fraud ang card, small CL cards are bearable or mag-fail lang ang transaction dahil di kaya ng CL. Pero kapag malaki ang CL, katakot lang din kasi the whole available CL is your exposed risk. Update mo kami Strong how fast this will be solved. Iba talaga kapag may mga IT and Data Security professionals tayong friends. They can share tips paano gumamit ng cards ang mga tulad nila.

    Strong7Power@LEE: solved. Panalo ako sa dispute. It took almost three months bago igawad ang final verdict pero immediate ang temporary reversal once BDO received your signed dispute form.

    leedongwook: It's the same experience you shared before pala. Akala ko bago eh. 

    Malaking bagay talaga ang features na iyan ng AXP. Additional protection sa atin lalo na rito sa Pilipinas na medyo mahina ang consumer rights.

    Strong7Power: From my perspective, my friend's opinion (IT), and even nababasa sa blog sites: maliban pa sa not-so-good customer service and efficiency, hindi maganda ang teknolohiyang gamit ng EastWest at BPI. Though lahat naman ng bangko ay sangkot sa mga horror stories (including BDO), according sa kaibigan ko, an IT person, higit na nagkakaproblema ang electronic security ng BPI. Sa akin naman, ang CS nila grabe. Mas maraming palya ang BPI at EWB sa akin lang (huwag niyo ko i-bash; opinion ko lang ito. I still maintain an account with them, in spite these).

    Bakit ko naman nasabi na:

    Sa paggawad ng lisensiya ng pag-isyu ng card brands, kalakip din ang paggawad (o pagbili) sa sistema ng card brands lalo na ang customer satisfaction. Mabilis ang pag-aksyon ng AMEX sa anumang card brands (for me). Matatandaan sa lumang thread, walang panama ang Visa/MasterCard Concierge sa AMEX Concierge. Ang hindi nagawan ng paraan ng VISA/MC ay naging posible sa AMEX. (Backread kayo sa post ni MrBANKS21 at iba pang may AXP Plat noon.)

    Sa karanasan ko, wala akong naging major problem sa AMEX kahit Blue pa lang ito noon. Pero sa MasterCard/Visa na Titanium/Platinum na, nagkaroon ako ng mga katakut-takot na karanasan. Especially sa electronic security, na kailanman ay hindi nangyari sa AMEX account ko.

    Mapalad lang ang PILIPINAS dahil bank-issued AMEX cards tayo; sa U.S. kasi, mahirap din daw i-acquire ang AMEX doon. Noong nag-break up ang Costco at AMEX, marami rin raw tipikal na Amerikano ang nadismaya sa Costco sa pagkawala ng partnership sa AMEX... dahil marami sa kanila nakukuha lang ang AMEX sa mga tie-up merchants. Ngayon kasi partner na ng Costco ang Citibank at Visa, na pangit daw ang CS, ayon sa mga websites at forums nila.

    Again, sa pagkuha ng lisensiya sa card brands, kalakip din ang paggawad (o pagbili) sa sistema ng card brands lalo na ang customer satisfaction.

    MATAAS MAN ANG BAYAD O CHARGE SA AMEXCO/DINERS, TIWALA AKO SA CUSTOMER EFFICIENCY at SERVICE, at SECURITY. (Though in the Philippines, BDO nga, pero ito ang mga taong kume-cater sa AMEX accounts...

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    How can I avoid being a victim of Social Networking Scams?

    You can avoid being a victim by observing the following tips:

    -password regularly and use strong passwords which are combination of alpha numeric and special characters (e.g. *,$,#,etc.).

    -Never use the same passwords that you use for your online banking and your social network account.

    -Never list your personal information (complete name, birthday, and billing address, etc.) on your profile page. A common way for a fraudster to hack you financial or other account is to click on “Forgot your password?” link. Answers to the security questions should not be found in your personal profile.

    -Do not accept invites asking you to click a link to view someone else’s profile. You might be redirected to a phony site which imitates the legitimate site with messages that entice you to share your passwords or credit card numbers.

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    • Do not entrust your credit card or any credit card information (card number, card expiration & the 3-digit code at the back of your card) to anyone offering promotional incentives.

    • BDO will neither ask you to surrender your credit card nor send a representative to have your credit card picked-up for replacement.

    • Immediately call the 24-hour BDO Customer Contact Center at 631-8000 or 1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free) if you have surrendered your credit card or disclosed personal information to an unidentified solicitor.

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    Protect Yourself Against Email Scams

    All cardholders are cautioned against a recently circulating email allegedly from BDO and/or Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and JCB requesting cardholders to supply account and personal details to update bank records via internet hyperlinks.

    Ignore these fraudulent emails. BDO and/or Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and JCB will not ask for sensitive information in this manner.


    This warning is extended to AXP and DCI cardmembers.

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    How can I protect myself from Card Fraud/Scam?

    Be Protected from Card Fraud!

    Here are few tips to help you protect your account while you enjoy a safe banking experience.

    *Do not surrender your credit card to anyone.
    *Never disclose your credit card details to anybody soliciting information via email, SMS, website or over the phone unless dealing with a verified and trusted personnel.

    *Store and/or dispose of your personal and bank account information properly especially your credit card details.
    *Shred documents that contain any personal and financial information before disposal.

    *A One-Time-Personal Identification Number [PIN] (OTP) is sent to your registered mobile number every time you make an online purchase at participating secured merchants. Ensure that your bank’s record of your mobile number and email address are updated. For details, click here.

    *Do not respond to emails requesting for your credit card details or other personal information.
    *Never click emails links which directs you to a different website for verification of your personal and credit card details.

    *Always keep your Personal Identification Number secret. Do not write it down or disclose it to anyone.
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    Convenient and secure online shopping with your BDO | AMEX | DCI Prepaid, Debit, Credit and Charge Card!

    *In this day and age, if you haven't tried online shopping, then you're definitely missing out!

    *Just imagine, with a multitude of options to choose from in the world wide web, it's like going to a mammoth shopping complex with limitless virtual shops and shopping portals where you can buy practically anything and everything you can think of.

    *If before, shopping essentially entails going to shops around your neighborhood, driving from one mall to another to look for items that you need (or want) to buy, or asking relatives and friends living abroad to purchase brands and products that aren't available locally.  Nowadays, with a computer, smartphone or tablet at hand, you can shop anytime, anywhere and you can do so by just following four quick and simple steps -- log-in, browse, add to cart and check-out.   

    *More and more, people are beginning to embrace the concept of online shopping.  And with the growing fascination for all sorts of gadgets and electronic devices, matched with the emerging mobile lifestyle of tech savvy consumers, online shopping is definitely here to stay.

    *One of the major perks of online shopping is the convenience that it brings -- it saves you a considerable amount of time and effort (not to mention avoiding the hassle of long cashier queues!) when you feel the need to indulge in some retail therapy.  Whether you're on the look out for a good deal on Yoga classes, contemplating on getting a pet, the latest must-have pair of killer heels, a custom-made accessory, or even a travel package, the Internet has got you covered.

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    How can I shop smart and stay safe online?

    Of course, just like when you're shopping the conventional way, there are necessary precautions that you should remember when you shop online.  So, before you start adding items to your virtual cart, make sure to keep these tips in mind to make your online shopping experience safe, secure and enjoyable.
    *Shop at trusted online shopping portals. Be wary of bogus online stores or fraudulent sellers that offer goods and services that do not exist.  Always make sure that the website or retailer you're transacting with is legitimate.  Take note of the seller's information such as name, phone numbers and physical address. Check out merchant reviews and the website's feedback page or better yet, ask your friends to recommend tried and tested online shopping sites.
    *Protect your personal information. Don't just freely give away your personal information on the web, particularly your credit card details.  Make sure that the site is secure before entering your payment details. You can verify if the site is secure if the URL begins with https, which is more secure than http websites, or if you find a closed padlock icon on the right side of your web browser's address bar.  This way, you can protect yourself from identity theft and other fraudulent transactions online.
    *Keep a record of your transactions.  Save a copy of the e-mail and SMS exchanges between you and the seller.  Keep all proofs of transaction such as payment receipts, product description, price, terms of the sale, and confirmation receipts, if any.  If there is a discrepancy, you can refer to your record and contact the seller for immediate action.
    *Utilize a reliable online payment facility. Double check all details for your purchase before confirming payment. Credit cards are a safer choice for online shopping since they have built-in security measures.  If the transaction turns out to be fraudulent, you won't end up boring a hole in your wallet.  You can just report it to your issuing bank for cancellation of the sale or contest the transaction in question.

    Remember, if the transaction is too good to be true, then it probably is.
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    What are the amazing things when you shop online with your BDO | AXP | DCI cards?

    You can take advantage of online shopping for a variety of reasons – you don't have to commute or drive anywhere since the goods are delivered right at your doorstep, there are group buying deals that are only available online, you can shop 24/7 so there's no need to rush out after work to beat the store closure.

    And if you're a BDO Credit Cardholder, you have more reasons to enjoy shopping online!

    First off, you can choose to have a BDO Virtual Card – the credit card that is designed exclusively for online shopping.  It's essentially the online counterpart of your BDO Credit Card but it carries a different card number to protect you and your credit line from online scams and fraudsters.

    With a BDO Virtual Card, you have the option to adjust your credit line according to your online purchasing needs.  Meaning, you can put a cap on your online spending so you won't run the possibility of maxing out your credit limit.  And with a hodge podge of special offers available online, having a separate credit limit for your online purchases is the best option.

    Secondly, BDO Credit Cards also has a wide array of online merchant partners, providing BDO Credit Cardholders year-round access to exclusive and exciting online promo offers – from apparel and health & beauty services, to gadgets and dining, and most in demand of all, hotel and airfare vacation packages.

    Just by simply using your BDO Credit Card, you can get more savings on your online shopping finds – that's additional discounts and freebies on top of the already discounted online rates!    

    What's more, BDO is the first and only local credit card that offers an automated online installment facility.  You can now avail of Absolutely 0% Interest on installment for 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months at BDO online partner merchant websites without having to call or request for processing of installment payments.  It makes your purchases easier on the pocket and most of all, safe, secure and hassle-free!

    So, start adding to your virtual cart now and scour the world wide web for all those airline seat sales, Buy One Take One offers on buffet meals and other delectable treats, must-have pampering spa and wellness sessions, all-in hotel and resort packages and an immense selection of bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, electronics and appliances you can avail of.

    With a BDO | AXP | DCI Card, delightful deals await you when you shop online!

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    How can I avoid my online transaction decline?

    For MasterCard, Visa, DCI, CUP, and JCB:

    For AXP:

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    Is BDO | AMEX PH | DINERS PH strictly issues Elite Card?
    ON ISSUANCE OF ELITE CARDS. We’re quite selective when we issue a Platinum card,” notes Nannette Regala, marketing head of Banco De Oro’s Consumer Lending Group. “While other banks issue a platinum card with a P100,000 credit limit, that’s really a gold card. Our credit limit for this card starts at P300,000. (And for our AMEX Platinum Credit Card, starts at P450,000; CUP Diamond starts at P500,000). We normally issue the cards to a very select group; BDO Private Bank customers, for instance, maintain accounts of at least P10 million. If they want more credit, certainly we give them more.”
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    Why AXP is different? Why AXP is prestigious?

    (Re-post from BDO CC Thread II Page 204)


    mrbanks21: Lower points needed for redemption, decent CL for my everyday transactions, purchase protection insurance, free travel insurance, world class concierge services...etc. yan yung totoong benefits ng ELITE CARDS.

    informant: My New BDO AmEx replacement came. Note, the new AXP credit cards do not have the shiny reflective hologram like the old ones (I didn't care much for it) and it now has ExpressPay Contactless feature (which I don't care for either).

    Comparison of old and new AXP Platinum Credit.

    Lol bro! I like the new look of the AXP Credit. It's more classic. I really like the platinum charge card look but this will do for now. I used to call the old platinum CC "the rainbow card" because it used to reflect all sorts of colors more than it showed it's normal color whenever there was enough light. It was cool at first but I guess the novelty wore off eventually. I used to notice that the cashiers would stare at it a little longer than my other CCs though haha.

    blxtour62: I just like/love everything that glitters/shines. hehehe. The PNB World Mabuhay Miles also has a shiny reflective layer/hologram effect. 

    As for why the cashiers would stare at it for a little longer than any other credit cards, THEY WERE BLINDED BY THE 'RICHNESS" of the credit card. haha

    Whenever I see one, I still get excited even though I've seen it many times in person already. I've yet to see the Gold and Platinum AX Charge Card though.

    I still haven't received my AX Gold CC with chip which is fine by the way since I'm fairly new to the "AMERICAN EXPRESS EXPERIENCE". I'm still "MARINATING" so to speak. hehehe

    informant: Same here bro its extremely rare to see an AX platinum charge card And if I've seen one it's most likely from a foreigner issued abroad. I think the AX Platinum Charge Card and BDO World Elite are the hardest cards to acquire in the Philippines and the annual membership costs are very high especially the World Elite so that's another factor too.

    blxtour62: No truer words were ever spoken. The last time I saw a GREEN AX Charge Card in person was from a foreigner. I won't even allow myself the thought of owning a charge card since it's really impractical esp if you're based in the province (VISAYAS AREA) like I am. But in your case, it's very plausible and doable. It looks like we have to frequent posh hotels/casinos just to catch a glimpse of an AXP charge card/World MasteCard though. HAHAHA. CITY OF DREAMS/NOBU here we come!


    The convo is initially posted in American Express Users Thread

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    caiusMga kuya ask lang po, Ano po bang magaganda at pangit na features ng AMEX? Meron akong AMEX na BLUE transparent, tapos ang friend ko sinabi nya na gusto nya rin magkaroon ng AX na tulad sakin dahil VISA lang daw ang meron siya; so curious lang po talaga ako kung anong features na maganda at hindi maganda sa AX.

    informant: Advantages of AX cards are mostly the same as other cards if they are the basic (AX Blue/Green/Gold). The advantages and perks go up in the higher tiers. Especially if you travel abroad there are lots of promos especially in the U.S. like free upgrades at hotels. Freebies at restaurants and easier booking busy restaurants on short notice just to name a few. And free purchase protection as others have mentioned along with free 20M+ travel insurance when booking tickets. No need to purchase travel insurance anymore through the airline which you usually pay $10-25 for when adding it. (Other elite cards may also have purchase protection and travel insurance of similar value)

    There are still exclusive promos for all levels of AX though even in the Philippines just as there are other brands of banks Visa/MC. Adding an AmEx card to your arsenal of cards means improving the promos available to you. Having a basic level AX is also a passport to getting the much harder to obtain higher level tiers of AX after you have been with them at least a year.

    mrbanks21: In the Philippines AmEX is a privilege/prestige card meaning it's harder to obtain than other cards although it's not as hard to obtain as a few years ago as more people are getting approved. Having one means most likely you are in good standing credit wise and will be useful as a reference card and other means.

    Disadvantages. It’s not available everywhere credit cards are accepted. They must have a BDO POS terminal (POST). Some gas stations 2 years ago could not take my AX because they had a BPI/MCC/Citi terminals. Things have improved greatly since then but it's still not as widely accepted in the provinces compared to NCR. Expect 70% give or take of AX accepted compared to Visa/MC 99%+ in Metropolitan Manila and much lower in the provinces especially the smaller ones. Most malls have a BDO POST along with other banks terminals but not with all restaurants/other establishments. 

    That's why i have my Visa/MC card where AX is not accepted. If you want to use AX as your sole card then do not get it If you want to use it everywhere. If you already have Visa/MC then its nice to add to your cards.

    Kung AmEx Blue/Green/Gold iyan, wala masyadong pagkakaiba, as compared sa Basic/Gold MasterCard/Visa. Others would prefer the basic MasterCard/Visa over AmEx since mas marami ang benefits and lower peso spending to get points. If your friend wants to have an AmEx Blue like yours, maybe nagustuhan lang nya lang ang design. And tama sila na mas mahirap mag-apply and get approve for AX compare sa ibang credit card brands especially the Green and Gold CHARGE cards, so in reality AmEx is not for everyone.

    But if elite card levels, AmEx Platinum Credit Card/The Platinum Card, mas maganda ito o may laban ito sa other-bank-issued elite cards.

    AmEx The Platinum Card - it's like the highest level of platinum issued cards in the PH, and it is recognized as THE PLATINUM, not only in the PH but worldwide, more prestige than World MasterCard and Visa Infinite/Signature. I'm not sure if it's the same level as World Elite MasterCard tho.

    The convo is initially posted in American Express Users Thread
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    rrst: Curious ako sa AmEx Black Centurion Card. Late 2016 ako nagsimula mag-lurk sa thread na ‘to pero tumigil ako bandang mid-2017. Sa panahon na iyon, may isang PEXer lang ang nabasa ko na meron (at ito ay si CAIUS).

    Sabi sa website, by-invitation ito; kaso dito sa Pilipinas, hindi ba may bank-issued cards (i.e. from BDO, as of late) at cards na ang AmExCo mismo ang nag-issue? Sa lagay na iyan, ang BDO kaya ang mag-aalok ng Black Centurion Card o ang AmExCo?

    At kapag meron ka na, magagamit kaya ang charge card na iyan para sa reference ng application mo sa ibang credit card issuers dito sa atin? Posible din kaya ma-reject kahit iyan na ang gamit mo?

    I have so many questions.  Sorry. Palaisipan sa akin ang card na iyan kasi sobrang misteryoso... 

    gibsonfan: At the level of even just the Platinum Charge Card, di ka na yata naghahabol ng reference cards to get approvals. Bukod dito, di rin accessible masyado ang BDO/AmEx cards for reference unless TransUnion ang bangko na a-apply-an (HSBC, BPI, MCC, etc)..

    rrst: Naku! hindi ako mayaman. Curious lang talaga ako haha. By-invitation card din pala ang AXP The Platinum Card pero may details ng perks/benefits sa website, hindi tulad ng Black na wala sa website kaya naging mysterious para sa akin.

    gibsonfan: Maraming other websites sa net na nag-outline ng benefits ng Centurion Card. Just to get an idea. Pero based on those, di sobrang layo ang Platinum Card sa Centurion in some aspects. Pero supposedly iba rin ang concierge nila. Hindi lang American Express Concierge, but American Express Centurion Concierge. In some places, it can make a difference in terms of service/accommodation. 

    Ang PEXer na meron niyan ay nakuha niya sa AmEx USA o kung saang bansa nagsimula ang AmExCo, ang Estados Unidos. On the net and personally, wala akong alam na merong BDO or locally given Centurion Card. Ang BDO World Elite MC at AXP The Platinum Card ay bihira to begin with (unlike abroad na medyo mas widespread ang AmEx Platinum) so I'd be surprised if meron silang Centurion Card, but we can't rule it out. 

    Recently, marami ring posts online about the Centurion card. Somewhere in the neighborhood of >10M PHP spend annually on a Platinum card for a few years in personal lifestyle spend ang reported na requirement for invite (luxury shopping, dining, travel, etc).

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    Welcome to BDO Rewards!
    With your BDO Rewards Points, you can shop for free, enjoy discounts and more.
    Get started now!

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    Last Update: March 9, 2019

    What are the requirements to join the program?

    What are the advantages of being a BDO Rewards member?

    To view the Program’s Perks and Privileges per tier, click here

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    How will a member be assigned to a specific level when he qualifies to the program?

    Qualification Scheme/Tier Assignment for 1st time members:

    Emerald Card
    📌 At least Php100,000* Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking Account or
    📌 Classic or Gold BDO Credit Card
    Sapphire Card
    📌 At least Php250,000* Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking or
    📌 At least P100,000 Peso/Dollar/Savings/Checking Account and Gold BDO Credit Card Platinum or Titanium BDO Credit Card
    Diamond Card
    📌 At least Php5 Million* Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking or
    📌 At least P500,000 peso/Dollar/Savings/Checking Account and Platinum or Titanium BDO Credit Card

    How will their membership level be determined after the 2-year validity period?
    The membership level will be determined by the total points earned in the first 2 years of membership.
    Emerald: 1 to 2,499 points
    Sapphire: 2,500 to 9,999 points
    Diamond: 10,000 points and above

    Can a member be upgraded to the next membership level before the 2-year card renewal schedule?
    Tier evaluation is every 2 years. However, a member can request for an early upgrade provided the minimum points requirement for the tier is met.

    Will redeeming points affect the earning of points required to maintain or be upgraded to the next level?
    No, redeeming of points will not affect the earning of points to reach the next level. Neither will it result to any downgrading of tier level.

    Is it possible for a member to be downgraded?
    Yes, it is possible for a member to be downgraded if the points earned within 2 years do not meet the required number of points to stay within that tier.

    Would transferred points from my SM Advantage Card to my BDO Rewards Card be considered in determining my membership level the following year?
    No, transferred points from your SM Advantage Card will not be considered. Points earned from non-SM partners are also not considered for determining membership level but can be used for redemption purposes. Membership level determination is limited to points earned with the BDO Rewards Card only.
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    SEE: https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal/rewards/how-earn-points


    SEE: https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal/rewards/how-earn-points

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