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Chynna Ortaleza

i would like to know if u guys have any pics of Chynna Ortaleza (Mimi from Click). if u do, post it for me, attachment or not. (kahit scanned, ok lang) thanks.


  • yorimichi
    yorimichi >>------------>
    yeah, any info about her...wala lang..para kasing wala ako msyadong nbbasa about her...she seems nice.
  • yorimichi
    yorimichi >>------------>
    check this out...

    galing pala syang 5 and up
  • kireidesu
    kireidesu MALDITA since birth
    try mo visit website ng 5 and up... kaso bata pa sha dun, wid short hair and all...
  • share ko lang na gf siya ng neighbor ko...
    (pero wala akong pics, sorry) :bonkself:
  • diba taga- UST sha dati???
  • badburn
    badburn Punk M.D. punk as f*ck
    cute girl!!!!!!! =)
  • rainsong
    rainsong frisbyterian
    hi! i'm a former producer of 5 and Up and i put up an online scrapbook of the 5 and up kids some years ago. i don't have any new pictures of chynna but i do have lots of pics of her when she was still in 5 and Up.

    visit my site and just browse. :-) good luck!

    An Uppie's Scrapbook
  • badburn
    badburn Punk M.D. punk as f*ck
    any info about chynna ortaleza????

    that girl kickass :rocker:

  • CK
    CK ni Dong ko :)
    Chynna is Lara Serena Ortaleza in real life...19 na cya...Mass Comm stud sa UST...she used to be a former 5 and up reporter way back in 1995...
  • kat18f
    kat18f girlnextdoor
    classmate ko cya dati sa p.e sa ust. and i find her ok naman .. such a cool person kasi hindi naman pla siya ganun kataray like other feeling artistas :)
  • prang naalala ko yung name nya. pwedeng mag post kayo ng pic.
  • damnright
    damnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫
    i was searching the web for her pics but i can't find any. why is that? parang di sya artista, artista naman sya ah. bakit wala?:mad:

    anyways, buti pa si richard gutierrez meron. eto pic ng kapartner nya sa click & sa ikaw lang ang mamahalin.:D bagay talaga sila.


    'pag may nahanap kayong pic ni chynna pakipost nyo lang dito sa thread ok.

    noodle15: chynna ortaleza plays mimi in the series CLICK and she's also in Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin.
  • CK
    CK ni Dong ko :)
    sa mganaghahanap ng pix ni chynna....punta kayo sa url na to...kaya nga lang medyo mapagal mag-download yung page! tsaka old pix nya pa to!
  • i have worked with chynna in a fashion pictorial with hang ten (hang ten is her casual apparel outfitter) last september and i have nothing to say but wonderful words about her. she's very professional-- she would always come to the location on time, follows instructions carefully, no "stariray" air in her head, intelligent and she prioritizes her studies. she has good projections too on camera, very natural. she is innately a sweet girl.

    one chynna quatation i will never forget (she said this on our second pictorial when she just recovered from a major ailment):
    "kaasar nga po 'tong sakit ko, dami pa naman akong projects and shows tsaka busy ako sa school. nadi-delay tuloy 'yung mga trabaho ko..."

    she is passionate about her showbiz career. and that matters. i know she works hard that's why she'll be very successful in the future.

    i guess after working with chynna, i turned into her number one fan.
  • i have two rolls (64 shots) of really-gorgeous pictures of chynna in my library. interested to print some copies? private me.
  • gillian
    gillian :::::: bratinella ::::::
    i don't know what you saw in her no offense ha but i hate her epal yung ngiti niya need not argue this is a democratic country which means i have the right...sorry na lang hope you all understand basta yung eyes ko napapa:rolleyes: and believe it or not,half of our school is not into her even my friends hated her yeah she's cool and kulit too but i hate her sorry...
  • cute siya pero di naman kagandahan... i think she's got the brains kasi she used to be a 5 and up reporter...

    yung mga nai-pair sa kanya cute! :D si cogie, paolo and now, richard... kakainggit naman! hehehe
  • lunacy
    lunacy fRiEnd MatEriAL
    taga AB siya ng UST... i dnt know the crs... pretty sya in person kaya lang payat masyado...
  • CK
    CK ni Dong ko :)
    hey! if you like chynna Click Here to join her yahoogroups..lots of pics, info, links, articles :)
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