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Hi. Hope everyone is good. Newbie here. I really want to know if anyone had encountered like mine. Had an ultrasound last year saying I had MULTIPLE gallstones(3mm). This March, I had another ultrasound saying I have ONE gallstone(1.47cm). The gastro gave me Ursofalk(3x a day for 15days). But after medication, I wasn’t able to go back for another test. Recently, I have been suffering from a mild pain/discomfort in my upper right abdomen and at the back so i decided to have it checked. My ultrasound now says NO GALLSTONE seen in my gallbladder or anywhere in the duct. The Radiologist said I have gas all over so it might be that the previous images seen were just image of gas(bubbles like). My Gastro advised me to MRI bcoz according to him, it would usually take 1-2yrs to dissolve the stone if indeed the medicine was effective to me. 
I would highly appreciate any thought that you can share. Sorry for the long text. Thanks in advance.


  • It is unusual for a 1.4cm gb stone to be discovered in 15 days.  Although stone dissolution is possible with prolonged intake of ursofaslk, the problem lies with the gallbladder as it produces the stone.  I wouldn't be surprised if there is recurrence.
    Ultrasonography is reliable for detecting gallstones but it is operator dependent.  Were you able to have both tests done in one center?
    Your gastroenterologist might be concerned about the missing some as it could have passed into the bile duct causing your symptom.

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