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Connect To The Same Reliable And Consistent Unlimited Smart 4G/LTE Business Line Internet!

A Tremendous and wonderful, Happy New Year 2018, Sir/Madam. Offering you what you need the most when it comes to your need on demand and up-to-date Internet Service! Still here remains the same reliable and consisten Unlimited Smart 4G/LTE. 
Offering you what you need the most when it comes to your need on demand and up-to-date Internet Service. Here are the following edges or benefits of availing or having the Unlimited Smart 4G/LTE Business Line Internet are:

1.) Offers the best Customer Service, a Priority Customer Service.
2.) There is no contract (1-2 years or 6 months) like other ISP/s imposed or implemented or lock-in period.
3). No more 1 month deposit (security deposit) for Metro Manila to be Subscribers or Clients!
4.) Main office located at Makati City.
5.) There is a Refund Policy.
6.) The Best deal the Heavy Internet Users to have.
7.) Can be share with friends or relatives up to 15 or 20 users, by enhancing or upgrading to LTE-A/4.5 router it is possible you can share to more than 20 users.
8.) Works best LTE/4G Openline Router much more if you upgrade or enhance the system to LTE-A/4.5 Openline Router.
9.) No Cap Internet surfing and download. Download 24 hours of movies and videos. Watch your favorite sports online and more, no limit at all Internet use, no daily limit, no weekly limit, no monthly limit.
10.) We offer After Sale Service we can advice you how to enhance or boost your LTE-A/4.5 G performance.

For more information/details please like my Facebook page --> . I rest assured you 100% that the wireless Internet Service that we offer got no or had no data capping!




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