RoS Anti Cheat, Fortnite Android Beta, LoL Pre Season Updates and more

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Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about PUBG not being esports ready, Fortnite Android Beta frequently asked questions, Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight, Fortnite matchmaking update, Rules of Survival new anti-cheat, and League of Legend pre-season updates

PUBG not ready
- PUBG became the global sensation even when it was just released in early access
- it garnered millions of players basically making the devs very rich
- however
- During the PUBG global invitational in Berlin, PUBG creator Brendan Greene said the PUBG is not esports ready
- Brendan Greene also mentioned that “2018 will be an introductory year for PUBG esports”

New Ragnarok Mobile Game
- Tencent announced in ChinaJoy 2018 that they will be releasing a new Ragnarok Mobile game, which was roughly translated to "Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight".
- Take note that this is different from Ragnarok Eternal love
- There is currently no release date, however, a closed beta is announced to be coming soon. 

- Epic Games Fortnite will stop matchmaking players that are using mouse and keyboard against users with gamepads
- This changes will affect users on console like PS4 or Xbox

RoS Update
- Apparently the Rules of Survival game is using a new anti cheating system
- It is said to have an enhance data detection for data modifying plugins
- The new anti cheat will also have an increased speed and accuracy for its anti hack measures
- the anti cheat is included for RoS PC and Mobile
- The RoS team also announced that they are prioritizing bugs fixes/optimizations in order to improve the experience for all RoS Players
- pero ang pinaka importanteng tanong e napansin nyo ba?

LoL Pre Season
- Riot Games highlighted the pre-season updates for League of Legends 
* Do you know the feeling that when the match just started and you think “talo na”
* Riot Games plans to reduce the snowballing effect so they intend to make Comebacks are more achievable and satisfying
* The team also plans to make the laning phase is longer this is for champs to full fill their specific roles in mid game
* basically minimizing cases where players feel like they never got a chance to do their job before the game ends
* In contradiction to comebacks they also plan to resolve decided games faster basically if a team becomes too powerful or your team is very much tilted and wants to give up
* LoL devs want it to end faster so time won't be wasted
* After listening to feedback from the community Riot Games decided to change the rune system, coz they plan to make rune paths no longer dictate stat bonuses
* basically this will be reducing damage and will open more rune builds in other meta

Fortnite Android Beta 
- Fortnite for Android is now available on Beta
- and here are the things you need to know
- Epic games confirmed that Fornite Mobile will not be-be available to Google Play Store
- and that they are planning to release it on their own service
- So what does this mean?
- basically Fortnite mobile for Android is bypassing play store and that the game won't be available there for download
- So why did this happen?
- Well to those who don't if you publish an app on the Play Store, Google impose a 30% store tax
- and nobody wants tax - haha
- So how do i sign up for the Android Beta?
- Simple, you can go to / android
- then select your device
- you will then receive a download instruction to pre-install the game


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