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Star Cinema: BLOCK Z (Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia)

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    JoshLia, Maris, Markus, and Ian in a zombie film? We can't wait!
    Read the exciting details about JoshLia's upcoming zombie movie "Block Z" here!
    by Cheska Espina 5 hours ago in News
    JoshLia Maris Markus and Ian in a zombie film We cant wait

    If you're a fan of zombie movies, this is definitely for you!

    Earlier today, August 8, Star Cinema held a Story Conference for its upcoming zombie film (YES, you read that right!) titled "Block Z" starring Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Maris Racal, Markus Paterson, and Ian Veneracion.

    In an interview right after the story con, Direk Mikhail Red revealed interesting details to look forward to in the film.

    "Basically, zombie outbreak na set sa isang university. Maraming young characters, millennial cast, and family movie rin siya. Meron kaming family angle," the millennial director shared.

    Even if it's a new genre in Philippine cinemas, Direk Mik is still excited because, "it's the first full-scale zombie movie na locally produced."

    "Exciting na nag-partner 'yung Star Cinema with us, to make this film, and at the same time challenging kasi wala kaming base line for this. I hope magustuhan ng mga tao and ma-diversify 'yung genre cinema sa bansa," he added.

    The cast shared the same sentiments with Direk Mik.

    "I'm really excited to work with Direk kasi first time namin and kami ni Julia matagal na kami magkatarabaho, very comfortable na kami with each other," Ian said. "Tapos 'yun nga, 'yung father-daughter relationship, matagal na namin na-establish 'yun sa 'A Love To Last.'" 

    "Fan ako ng ganitong klaseng pelikula lalo na may mga stunts, fight scenes. It's a kind of movie na enjoy ako panoorin," the 43-year-old actor stressed.

    Julia and Joshua feel ecstatic with this project, but at the same time nervous and challenged to maintain the "kilig" despite the zombie attacks.

    "Josh and I are very excited because I feel like doing a film like this is what's gonna really help us grow as individuals and as actors kasi parang dito rin kami macha-challenge on how to sustain that kind of kilig in the middle of this kind of outbreak sa isang university. That's gonna be the magic of Direk Mik, kung paano mabubuo 'yung love angle. 

    "But more than anything, there's gonna be a father-daughter angle, relationship with friends, and of course, with the loved ones," Julia relayed.

    Joshua, on the other hand, said, "Sobrang masaya ako na makakatrabaho ko na si Direk Mik. Syempre bagong genre 'to para sa'min ni Julia, bagong pelikula na matututo ka na naman. Masaya ako na blessed kami and excited akong gawin 'to kasi sobrang exciting nung story."

    Maris, meanwhile, is excited to work again with JoshLia who she co-starred with in the 2016 hit Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Vince and Kath and James."

    "Hindi ko masasabing super fan ako kasi matatakutin ako pero excited akong maka-work again ang JoshLia and si Direk Mik. Sobrang dream ko 'yun. Napakagandang story and script. Excited ako sa part na mag-a-action kami. Kailangan maging ready physically," Maris quipped.

    For Markus, it will be his first time to work with the cast and the millennial director.

    "I'm just super blessed to be part of this project kasi I grew up watching zombie movies so sobrang exciting. It's also my first time working with the whole cast," he revealed.

    Excited ka na ba?

    Don't worry because according to Direk Mik, "We're starting to shoot next month. Marami pa kami preparations na kailangan gawin. Rehearsals sa fight scenes and stunts."

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    LIVE: Block Z Story Conference | Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia

    LIVE: Zombie Epidemic Or Zombie Outbreak

  • audreyjaneaudreyjane ♡ PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️

    Unfiltered: A zombie movie is coming through 'Block Z!'

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    Block Z (Horror, Thriller)

    Starring Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Ian Veneracion, Maris Racal and Markus Paterson, directed by Mikhail Red. Star Cinema is set to break free from its tradition of romance and comedy films as it brings us its first zombie horror film “Block Z” under the direction of Mikhail Red (‘Birdshot”, “Eerie”). Can you already imagine our favorite love team JoshLia all covered in blood as they fight for their survival in a zombie apocalypse?

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    Kiko Estrada returns to ABS-CBN after 4 years

    by Jocelyn Dimaculangan posted on November 29, 2018


    IMAGE Mark Atienza

    Kiko Estrada was supposed to be part of a GMA-7 teleserye before he accepted the ABS-CBN series Project Kapalaran.

    Kiko Estrada returns to ABS-CBN one month after his contract with GMA Network ended.

    The former star of the Kapuso series My Guitar Princess did not renew his contract, which ended in October 2018. 

    Kiko will join the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye with the working title Project Kapalaran.

    "I’m blessed and honored to be here. It’s good to be back," said Kiko when he introduced himself during the story conference of Project Kapalaran.

    JM de Guzman and Arci Muñoz will top-bill this Kapamilya series, which will also star Sylvia Sanchez and Joey Marquez.

    The story conference of Project Kapalaran was held yesterday, November 28.

    Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018 Alyssa Muhlach, Hashtag members Kid Yambao and Paulo Angeles, and Kira Balinger were seen attending the story con.

    Photos of the story con were uploaded on social media by the RSB Drama Unit, which is the producer of the shows Halik and Los Bastardos.

    In a previous interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Kiko revealed that he will be doing a zombie movie to be directed by Mikhail Red.

    "I have a Star Cinema movie coming up with Joshua [Garcia] and Julia [Barretto].

    "It's called Block Z. It's scheduled in April 2019 but it got pushed back because of their teleserye," said Kiko during an interview held at the Santolan Town Plaza last September.

    The JoshLia love team is currently starring in the Kapamilya prime-time series Ngayon at Kailanman.

    Kiko disclosed back then that he was supposed to do a teleserye in GMA-7 this 2018.


    "I have a teleserye in December but I'm not really rushing into the teleserye because I want a good role.

    "Where the best role is, that's what I choose."

    Will he be the lead character in this Kapuso series?

    "I hope so. I deserve a lead role."

    Has he received an offer to return to ABS-CBN?

    "It's always fun to receive good offers. It's all love and I don't burn bridges."

    He added: "I'm loyal to whoever takes care of me."

    The son of Gary Estrada and Chesca Diaz used to be a Kapamilya talent. He appeared in the shows Angelito: Bagong Yugto (2012) and Annaliza (2013).

    Kiko left ABS-CBN to transfer to GMA-7 in 2014. 

    For the past four years, he has appeared in Kapuso shows such as Strawberry Lane (2014), That's My Amboy (2016), and Mulawin vs Ravena (2017). 

    He is the latest actor to switch networks, following in the footsteps of Regine Velasquez, Raymart Santiago, and Keempee de Leon.


    Kiko mentioned in the interview with that he is doing other movies.

    "I have a Regal movie titled Ang Henerasyon Na Sumuko sa Love. It's a movie by Jason Paul Laxamana.

    "I have My Stepmother's Lover with [director] Adolf Alix Jr."






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    Insta Scoop: Cast of 'Block Z' Headed by Ian Veneracion, Joshua Garcia, and Julia Barretto

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    'Block Z' is almost here: Everything you need to know!

    The zombie apocalypse is coming very soon!

    Chandral Selim
     1/24/2019 in News
    Block Z is almost here Everything you need to know

    The upcoming thriller will combine the star power of Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Ian Veneracion, Ina Raymundo, Dimples Romana, Maris Racal, McCoy de Leon, and Yves Flores for an "action-packed" zombie movie that will be a first for the Philippines. The film held its story conference today, January 24.

    "Eerie" director Mikhail Red will be at the helm, and he's keeping a tight lid about the details of his much-anticipated, internet darling of a new project. However, he did reveal that it will be largely set in a university.

    He explained, "It will be about [students] na maka-quarantine and the main characters have to find a way to escape and survive... it's a very exciting film, hopefully, a game changer. Expect twists and turns, and in this film, parang nasa labyrinth sila, trying to survive these traps and hordes of zombies."

    His movie monsters will also be a departure from the slow "The Walking Dead" kind of zombies in favor for a "fast... mas infected, mas enraged, mas high-energy, fast-paced, and full speed ang mga habulan at takbuhan."

    As for their characters, Joshua will be Lucas, a varsity basketball player, Julia is PJ, a medical student, with Ian playing her loving, protective father Mario. This will be the second go in this dynamic for these two actors, who also played a father and daughter in the hit television series "A Love to Last". According to Ian, PJ and Mario's strained relationship due to his former status as an OFW will be one of the center points of his character.

    Ina will be taking on a villainous role as Angie, a mother who has to protect her child from the apocalypse. The actress called the role "a dream come true," revealing that she has quite the obsession with zombies

    Another cultural callback in "Block Z" will be Maris and Julia's friendship. This will mark their second film together after the 2016 hit "Vince and Kath and James". Maris plays Erika, another medical student and PJ's best friend whom the actress described as an "It Girl" who is "selectively nice".

    Yves is taking on Gelo, a class president who will be leading the group. McCoy and Dimples, who were sadly not in attendance, will be playing a "geek who has to find his courage to survive" and a lady security guard, respectively.

    "Block Z" will begin filming this February and according to Direk Mikhail, they will "not be rushing". They will be filming in Manila and Quezon City.

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    B L O C K  Z 
    Story Conference
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    Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto 
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    edited February 22

    inaraymundo95 Class of #BlockZ 
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    inaraymundo95 The calm before the storm🧟‍♀️ #BlockZ #stuntrehearsal
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    Official Teaser | ‘Block Z’

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