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Computer or Chemical Engineering?

Nag enroll na ako sa Chemical Engineering course sa Mapua at mag start na bukas as a freshie, pero naghinayang ako. Some part of me really wants to major in Computer Engineering, instead. I've taken advises from friends to objectively see where they best see me in university, as a Chem or Comp Engineer... All of them said that I should take the Comp Engineering course because they saw how dedicated and interested I was in Computer/micro-controllers and programming when I was the only one able to take up our group's physics projects by using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Seeing as how Chem and Comp Eng are very distinct and separate fields, I really need to decide early on what I have to major in...
I also like the fact that walang Board Exam ung computer engineering, which means that it's relatively fast to get a job after/before graduation...
Listed below are my questions. I would really appreciate it if you could provide answers or insights. 

1.) Has anyone had any trouble, too, choosing between Comp/Chem Eng?
2.) How are the facilities and laboratories on both sectors?
4.) I have a feeling that the Chemical Engineering department is the "weakest" link in Mapua in that it may be the least funded department in Engineering, has fewer international linkages, few undergraduate enrollees, and is the least influential department in Engineering (in the sense that, when people think of Chemical Engineers, they don't tend to think of Mapua as their first thought).  
3.)For both graduates in the respective fields of Chem and Computer Engineering, did the curriculum prepare you well enough for the demands in the industry and workforce? 
4.) How were your experiences in the respective fields of engineering? (teachers, lectures, atmosphere, campus presence..) 
5.)Here's one of the factors that I considered when deciding between the two: SALARY. I have spent HOURS searching online for current job ads for both Chem and Comp Engineering Majors, and I found that not only were Comp Engineering jobs more abundant, but they also had higher salary packages for entry level positions (many are have minimum salaries above 18-20k). Whereas for Chem Eng entry level jobs, the availability was WAY less and the entry level salaries were, in general, below 20k (which is the bare minimum salary that I decided I'd stoop for). 

5.5) It seems to me that Chemical Engineering jobs are dying, or at least one of the lowest in demand as of 2018...anyone willing to disprove or attest to this?

6.) Also a very important thing: A lot of ChemEng graduates that are in the workforce say that most of the hardcore lessons they learned in the University were not implemented in their jobs. Whereas, for CompEng graduates, they said that almost all (or the bulk) of the studies they had for the 1st-to-4th year were something that they actually USE in the workplace. If anyone currently works in either sectors, can you please comment on this?

7.) And lastly, THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION(s): if I do decide to switch curriculum/majors, what is the standard procedure? Can I change my major a day before the first day of school?
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