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Hi! Can I take an MA in any courses?

lapislasulilapislasuli PExer
edited July 2018 in The Academe #1
I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and I am planning of taking a masters degree that is not related to my field. I am thinking of MA in Creative Writing or anything related in literature or history. I am wondering if any university in Manila would allow me for admission. 


  • DrStephenStrangeDrStephenStrange PEx Rookie ⭐
    All I know, UP, UST and DLSU lang alam kong nag offer ng MA for Creative Writing. And these institutions are somehow strict with their admissions policies.. Usually they allow programs not related to Creative Writing but you need a good amount of professional writing experience. Also if you will pursue this, you also need to take some undergraduate units so you can be familiar with different approaches, theories and practice. 
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