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Wanted: Queer men from Metro Manila with free time to answer our research survey.

Really sorry to barge in like this but we're medical students from UERM doing our research project. It's on sexually active LGBTQ+ males aged 18-24 in Metro Manila and their knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to HIV/AIDS. I don't know if you guys are aware but the Philippines is one of the few countries with a rising HIV positive population, and more alarming is that most of the newly infected ones are aged 15-24. There aren't a lot of studies regarding this despite it being A Big Issue so we'd really like to see it to completion. (That, and we need it to graduate too, lol)

So basically if you're
  • Male
  • Had a sexual encounter with another man
  • Studying/working/living in metro manila
  • Aged 18-24
Please consider answering our survey. We need 200+ people, and it's a lot considering it's a sensitive topic so we're trying to pull as many people from as many sources as we can. More details are on the consent form but please be assured it's all confidential and you can use an alias instead of your real name if you're uncomfortable: goo.gl/tAVoGF

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this thread.

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