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REVIEW: Skyscraper [2018]

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edited July 2018 in Movie Reviews

Reviewer: Benchboy
Director: Rawson Marshal Thurber
Starring: Dwayne Johnson,Neve Campbell, Chin Han
PEx Rating: 8/10

To someone who has yet to see the Burj Khalifa or the Empire State Building, heck, even the tallest building in the Philippines (Google it!), up close, watching Dwayne Johnson's latest film, Skyscraper, can quite compensate.

Of course, laying your eyes on the real deal and getting the chance to bask in the view from the inside would always be more breathtaking, but thanks to CGI, most of the time things are made grander and more exciting in a movie. And they surely are in this action flick from director Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Here Dwayne Johnson is cast as former FBI operative Will Sawyer, who now evaluates the security aspects of skyscrapers for a living. The Pearl in Hong Kong, the tallest building in the world (3,500 feet!), has just been assigned to him. As a floor there is set ablaze, Will finds himself being framed for it. Complicating things is that his wife and two children are trapped inside the building, above the fire line. And oh, that he's an amputee, too, wearing an artificial left leg.

But then again, he's The Rock, so I don't think that's a problem really. Just like how he managed to survive a 9.6 magnitude earthquake in San Andreas as well as in Rampage despite the stressful odds.

Still, I would say the stunts he does (or appears to do) in this film are a must-see. The one shown in the trailer where he jumps from the edge of a crane to get to the building could be the highlight, but the other ones are nonetheless just as heart-stopping and jaw-dropping.

The Pearl's interiors are a visual treat, too, especially the room where the building owner told Dwayne Johnson's character, "Welcome to Heaven." It reappears in a crucial fight sequence later in the film, but somehow I felt the director utilized it there a bit predictably.

Speaking of predictability, I wonder why the villains in the movie were quite easily identifiable from the outset. There didn't seem to be much effort made in making the audience second guess some of the characters' motives.

Also, probably because Will was only seen with his family for a generic sequence before the fire, it's somewhat hard to root for him as he scrapes the sky to rescue and be reunited with his family. Yes, seeing him defy obstacles would make you grip your seat, but there's hardly any emotional engagement.

I wonder how many other disaster/destruction films Dwayne Johnson will star in. Or if ever a structure like The Pearl will really be built. Either way, I think it'll both be worth watching. 

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