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Philippines' Duterte sees lowest rating since becoming president: survey

ArnoldZArnoldZ Member ✭✭✭
edited July 2018 in Local and Foreign Issues
Philippine's President Rodrigo Duterte speaks during the 120th Philippine Independence day celebration at the Emilio Aguinaldo shrine in Kawit, Cavite Philippines June 12, 2018. REUTERS/Erik De Castro/File Photo

MANILA (Reuters) - Satisfaction in Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte fell to the lowest of his presidency since coming into office in 2016, an independent survey showed on Tuesday.

Net satisfaction, used by pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) as a rating of the president's performance, was down 11 points from the first quarter to 45 in the survey of 1,200 Filipinos conducted in the last week of June.

It was the president's lowest rating in eight surveys taken since 2016. In the first quarter of this year, Duterte's rating slipped to 56 percent from 58 percent in December 2017.

The president was unfazed by the drop in his ratings.

"I don't care, it does not interest me at all," Duterte told a news conference north of Manila.

The survey was taken during the week when Duterte attacked the Catholic Church and called God "stupid" after bishops and priests criticized the killing of drug suspects in the government's anti-narcotics campaign.

"It was an unnecessary remark, it really affected his ratings," said analyst Earl Parreno of the Institute of Political and Electoral Reforms.

"The rising prices and unemployment also had an impact, but this is only temporary. He has to repair his relations with the bishops and rebuild his image," Parreno said.

Duterte met with the head of the Catholic Bishops group on Monday, promising to refrain from attacking the Church.

The SWS survey did not ask respondents to explain their rating for Duterte, who took office in June 2016. Duterte had enjoyed high satisfaction ratings since coming to office, peaking at 66 in June 2017.

Based on the SWS methodology for satisfaction ratings, a score of 70 and above is considered excellent, 50 to 69 is very good, 30-49 good and 10-29 moderate.

(Reporting By Manuel Mogato; Editing by Darren Schuettler)

Bad sampling of the survey! Perhaps the sample are all Roman Catholics! : Dutards


  • ArnoldZArnoldZ Member ✭✭✭

    Duterte's Popularity Takes Hit Amid Inflation, Attacks on Church

    BloombergJuly 10, 2018

    Duterte's Popularity Takes Hit Amid Inflation, Attacks on Church

    Duterte's Popularity Takes Hit Amid Inflation, Attacks on Church

    July 10, 2018, 1:45 AM PDT Updated on July 10, 2018, 3:43 AM PDT

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity fell to the lowest during his two-year rule as inflation climbed to a five-year high and after his ‘stupid God’ remarks sparked an uproar in the Catholic nation.

    Duterte’s net satisfaction rating fell 11 percentage points to 45 percent, according to Social Weather Stations survey of 1,200 adults from June 27 to June 30. The biggest declines came from the capital region, among the poor and the young working population. Social Weather didn’t provide data for trust ratings unlike in previous surveys.

    Honeymoon Over

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's net satisfaction ratings hit record lows

    “Inflation could be the main culprit because the biggest drop was recorded in" the masses, said Professor Alvin Ang of the Ateneo Center for Economic Research and Development in Manila. More data is required to safely say that Duterte’s popularity took a hit on his blasphemous comments, he said.

    "I don’t care. It doesn’t interest me at all," Duterte told reporters at televised media briefing. "I’ll just coast along."

    Gains in prices climbed to 5.2 percent in June from a year earlier, a fresh five-year high as consumers contended with rising costs of fuel, rice, sodas and jeepney fares. Opposition Senator Bam Aquino blamed the tax reform law implemented in January for spurring prices.

    Satisfaction with Duterte fell 20 points in the capital region and 18 points in the central Visayas island, according to the poll. It plunged 26 points among 25 to 34 year olds and dropped 17 points among college graduates. Duterte remained popular among the upper and middle classes, where he added 3 points, but slid 14 points among the poor.

    On Trend

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's ratings still compare to his predecessor

    “If you note the pattern of every president, it could also mean the honeymoon period is ending,” Ateneo’s Ang said. Benigno Aquino who started his six-year term in 2010 with a satisfaction rating of 60 percent saw his numbers slip to 42 percent toward the end of his second year in office.

    — With assistance by Cecilia Yap, and Ian C Sayson

    Honeymoon over? Is divorce just around the corner?

  • gotta lick itgotta lick it Member ✭✭✭

    " .... wala ako pakealam, MANONOOD ako ng PACMAN vs MATTHYSSE sa Malaysia!!!"

    DuDirtys insensitivity to the plight Filipinos amidst our inflation woes with his travels abroad even for trivial matters. besides insensitivity it is clear sign of incompetence by wasting taxpayers money.

    DUMADAMI na ba ang NAGSISI sa pagboto kay Dirty???

    tsk tsk just wait for the SONA 2018. LIES LIES and more LIES ....... aka FAKE NEWS.
  • buddywbuddyw Member ✭✭✭

    Dumami ang bilang ng mga Pilipinong hindi aprub kay President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Ayon sa 2018 2nd Quarter survey ng Social Weather Stations (SWS), nakakuha ng +45 satisfaction rating si Duterte. 11 puntos ang ibinaba mula sa +56 nitong unang bahagi ng taon.

    Naging malaki ang pagbaba ng satisfaction rating sa Metro Manila, mula sa +54 noong 1st quarter ay naging +34 na lang ito ngayon.

    Bumaba ang rating ni Duterte sa lahat ng geographical areas.

    • Metro Manila: +34 (mula +54)
    • Balance Luzon: +33 (mula +39)
    • Visayas: +45 (mula +65)
    • Mindanao: +76 (mula +82)

    Tumaas naman ang bilang ng mga hindi masaya sa pamamalakad ni Duterte. Mula sa 14% noong March 2018, umakyat ito sa 20%.

    Samantala, bumaba naman ang mga Pilipinong undecided. Mula sa 17% noong Marso, nasa 15% na ito ngayon.

    Pagdating sa socioeconomic class, bumagsak ang satisfaction rating ni Duterte sa Class D, kung saan nakakuha ito ng +43 mula sa +57 noong Marso.

    Sa urban area, bumagsak rin ang rating ni Duterte na ngayo’y nasa +38 mula sa +56.

  • gotta lick itgotta lick it Member ✭✭✭
     17% UNDECIDED ..... translation #16MStupidFilipinoVoters

    ginigisa na sila sa sariling nilang mantika at hindi pa sila umaaray. DuDirty is cooking up something. so what of a Imelda Marcos policy, " ...... keep them hungry and they will be grateful for morsels you giving them." ganyan ginawa ni DuDirty sa Davao City kaya ang daming squatters doon.
  • LTLT Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Interestingly, umangat pa ren sha sa supposedly educated and better-off ABC and sa poorest of the poor E.

    But not enough to counter the huge drop in the blue collar, working class D.  Mukhang inflation nga ang issue.  Hindi enough benefit yung supposed higher take home pay ng segment na to compared sa mga higher prices naman na binabayaran nila.  Baka issue ren ang endo because sila ang pinaka-tinataman re this matter  

    Mukhang hindi enough ang efforts ng government in terms of job security/quality of jobs and runaway prices kaya laki bagsak nila sa D segment
  • joerizjoeriz Member ✭✭
    The real reason his popularity dropped is more of the "unmasking" of what the President  really is!
    Inflation, unemployment, killings, etc, are excuses to dump him

  • buddywbuddyw Member ✭✭✭
    SWS: Duterte's satisfaction rating plunges across all areas

    MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte's satisfaction rating plunged by 11 points during the second quarter of the year, marking a new personal low for the chief executive, according to a survey firm.

    The Second Quarter 2018 Social Weather Survey of the Social Weater Stations found that that satisfaction rating of Duterte dived by five points, from 70 percent in March to 65 percent in June.

    The dissatisfaction rating of the chief executive, meanwhile, increased from 14 percent in the first quarter to 20 percent during the previous polling period.

    This resulted in a "good" net satisfaction rating of 45 percent for Duterte, down by 11 points from the first quarter's "very good" 56 percent.

    "This 11-point decline is down by one grade from the very good +56 (70% satisfied, 14% dissatisfied) in March 2018. It surpassed the previous personal low of good +48 in September 2017," SWS said.

    SWS classifies ratings of 70 or above as excellent, 50 to 69 as very good, 30 to 49 as good, 10 to 29 as moderate, 9 to -9 as neutral, -10 to -29 as poor, -30 to -49 as bad, -50 to -69 as very bad and -70 or below as execrable.

    Duterte on poll results: 'I don't care'

    Duterte shrugged off the results of the survey and even expressed readiness to step down from his post.

    "I do not care. Make it 15. Wala na ako dyan (It does not matter to me anymore). It does not interest me at all," the president told reporters in Pampanga on Tuesday.

    "I just coast along. Just travelling...and with the new suggestion since I'm not popular anymore, Congress might decide to find a popular one. You want a popular president?  Fine. Good," he added.

    SWS said that Duterte's 11-point decline was due to decreases in satisfaction ratings in all surveyed geographical areas.

    In Metro Manila, his net satisfaction rating fell by 20 points, from a very good 54 percent (72 percent satisfied, 18 percent dissatisfied) in March to 34 percent last quarter (59 percent satisfied, 25 percent dissatisfied).

    He also registered a large 18-point decline in the Visayas, from a very good 65 percent (75 percent satisfied, 9 percent dissatisfied) in March to 47 percent (67 percent satisfied, 20 percent dissatisfied) in June.

    Duterte saw the lowest declines in his satisfaction ratings in Balance Luzon and in his bailiwick Mindanao, where he recorded six-point decreases.

    In Luzon, his net satisfaction rating went down from 39 percent (58 percent satisfied, 19 percent dissatisfied) in March to 33 percent (57 percent satisfied, 24 percent dissatisfied) in June.

    His support in Mindanao remains solid although his net satisfaction rating dipped from 82 percent in the first quarter to 76 percent last quarter.

    Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque is yet to respond to the request of for comment.

    The president's net satisfaction rating was down by 18 points among urban areas, from a very good 56 percent in March to 38 percent in June.

    In rural Philippines, his rating remained very good at 52 percent in June from 56 percent in March.

    By class, Duterte's significant decline among class D or the common masses was offset by his gains in net satisfaction rating among classes ABC and E.

    The chief executive's net ratings among men and women also decreased to 46 percent and 45 percent, respectively. This satisfaction rating is down by 12 points among men and 9 points among women.

    His net satisfaction ratings are also down among all age groups except Filipinos from the 18-24 bracket.

    His net satisfaction rating among 25-34 year olds is done by 26 points, from 69 percent in March to 43 percent in June.

    Among 55 years old or older, his rating declined from 54 percent in March to 44 percent last quarter. It also fell among 45 to 54 year olds, from 56 percent to 47 percent.

    It also dipped by six points among 35 to 44 year-old Filipinos from 52 percent to 46 percent.

    Duterte's rating, however, improved among young people or those from 18 to 24 years old. His net satisfaction rating climbed from 48 percent to 50 percent.

    The chief executive's net satisfaction rating was also down among people from different education backgrounds, but his declines were more severe among elementary and high school graduates.

    The survey was conducted from June 27-30 using face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults. Three hundred each came from Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao.

    The poll had a sampling error of margin of +/- 3 percent for national percentages and +/- 6 percent for area percentages.

  • vince_44vince_44 Member
    kala ko pa naman NEGATIVE na. GOOD pa pala ang satisfaction rating ni DU30. mas mataas pa rin compare mo sa mga past admin. pustahan sa 3rd quartet balik taas na naman yan. di nga ako makapaniwala ang taas pa rin despite the controversy involving attack on religion at marami pang iba. magaling naman talagang mamuno si DU30 di lang mabulaklak ang bibig at ipokrito na gusto ng mga DOOMSAYERS dito. hahaha   
  • mightymaroon108mightymaroon108 Member ✭✭✭
    everybody now...let's sing...


  • RazorhawkRazorhawk
    edited July 2018
    Never trust the surveys, they are all paid hacks. 

    Duterte was never popular, its all marketing and pr. Only 16 million voted for him. Out of what, 40 million registered voters?
  • private-iprivate-i Member ✭✭✭

    May gusto pa kayong idagdag?

    Image may contain 1 person text
    Thinking Minds

  • private-iprivate-i Member ✭✭✭

    Leader ng ating bansa? Ilang Dekada ba namuno ang Partido Liberal sa bansa? Bigyan nyo kami magandang rason bakit kailangan mamuno ulit ang LP?

    Image may contain 2 people people smiling text

    from Thinking Minds

  • joerizjoeriz Member ✭✭
    This is not just a kink in the armor! SWS is he innocent honest little boy who dared say: "The emperor has no clothes!"
  • joerizjoeriz Member ✭✭
    Razorhawk said:
    Never trust the surveys, they are all paid hacks. 

    Duterte was never popular, its all marketing and pr. Only 16 million voted for him. Out of what, 40 million registered voters?
    Yet, he became Philippines' most popular President, ever!
  • knorrknorr 8anned by Abmin PExer
    Gising na daw mga DeDeEbs

  • Obvious naman kung bakit bumababa ang satisfaction rating ni Pres. Duterte. Sunod sunod ang mga negative things na nangyayari sa bansa natin. Sinabayan nya pa ng blasphemy. Yan tuloy. Di na rin ako magtataka kung  ma oust na sya. 
  • private-iprivate-i Member ✭✭✭

    DEFYING FEAT OF SPELLING "ARITHMETIC." Lost in the shuffle of that strange press conference conducted by Aling Leni yesterday is all the proof you need that she is incompetent, even in basic computation.

    Reckoning a P4 per kilo price increase in rice and estimating a 10-kilo weekly consumption per family, Aling Leni came up with an additional P1,600 monthly burden for consumers of the staple.

    So, to the problem 4 X 10 X 4 (weeks per month), Aling Leni answered 1,600, where any schoolkid would say 160.

    This "new math" can be so complicated.

    From the time of Cory, “Yellow” has been synonymous with incompetence.

    Now Aling Leni can truly say that she is ready to lead the opposition, being its most incompetent member.

    from Jojo Robles

  • ArnoldZArnoldZ Member ✭✭✭
    I can hardly wait for the next independent survey!
  • buddywbuddyw Member ✭✭✭

    Drop in Duterte’s rating pinned on discontent

    Growing discontent with President Rodrigo Duterte has been pulling down public satisfaction for the Chief Executive this year, church and human rights groups and his critics in Congress said on Wednesday.

    “We are not surprised. More and more people including those who have defended him before are speaking out, especially since he has not spared even God in his tirades,” said Fr. Marco Sulayao of the Philippine Independent Church (PIC).

    Sulayao, chair of the Promotion of Church People’s Response on Panay Island, said PIC members  who supported the President were angered when he called God “stupid” in one of his tirades.

    “That drew the line for many. That was too much and we cannot let this pass,” Sulayao said.

    A major source of dissatisfaction for the President, Sulayao added, was the sharp increase in the prices of fuel and basic commodities, which the people blame on the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act that the President signed into law last December.

    Net satisfaction (satisfied vs dissatisfied), which is used by SWS as a rating of the President’s performance, was down 11 points from the first quarter to +45 in the survey of 1,200 Filipinos conducted in the last week of June. That had dropped from +58 last December.

    Reylan Vergara, secretary general of human rights group Karapatan, said the decline could also be attributed to the growing alarm among the people over extrajudicial killings and unfulfilled promises.

    “More and more people are realizing and being convinced that (Mr.) Duterte’s promises of change, eradicating illegal drugs in six months and ending ‘endo’ (end of contract labor practice) are just that—promises,” Vergara said.

    “The quality of life especially of fixed income earners and those receiving the minimum wage have worsened while officials of the administration are being linked to anomalies,” he added.

    Duterte myth is gone

    Opposition Senators Bam Aquino and Antonio Trillanes IV agreed that rising prices were hurting Filipinos, causing them to become dissatisfied with the President.

    The Duterte myth is gone. The novelty of his crass behavior is gone, too. The people have finally seen the light,” said Trillanes, one of the President’s most strident critics.

    Trillanes said the rising prices showed the President was “nothing more than a one-trick pony.”

    Aquino urged the President to listen to Filipinos “drowning from the high prices” to halt the TRAIN law.

    Waste of political capital

    Sen. Ralph Recto said the President should not waste his “political capital.”

    “Fighting the Church and calling God stupid is unnecessarily utilizing political capital,” he said.

    Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin cited the President’s “lack of governance and economic management skills” for the people’s dissatisfaction.

    “Rising inflation, downturn in investments, rising current account deficits and their associated peso depreciation, and abnormal capital outflows are clear signs of an economic crisis,” Villarin told reporters.

    Unfulfilled promises

    He said the President failed to deliver on “populist promises like ending contractualization, increasing salaries of nonmilitary workers and staving off high prices of basic commodities like rice.”

    Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate said he would not be surprised if the President’s satisfaction rating plunged “further faster” due to continuing price hikes, more killings, unabated contractualization, the President’s “subservience” to the United States and China and the stalled peace talks with communist rebels.

  • joerizjoeriz Member ✭✭
    ArnoldZ said:
    I can hardly wait for the next independent survey!
    Expect it be an amazing rise in his popularity, again!

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