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What Is RCBC ezTrade?


ezTrade is RSEC's retail Online Trading Platform.

With RCBC ezTrade, you can enjoy realtime

access to the stock market and at the same

time trade stocks at your own convenience,

wherever and whenever you want.


Enjoy these and  more with  your ezTrade account:


          *Execute trades  online in seconds

          *Get real time stock quotes

          *Keep track  of your (un)realized  profit or loss

          *Consult  in-house research reports or stock


          *Get real time news and updates  from the Philippine

            Stock Exchange

          *Monitor updates, volumes trade,  price charts and

            technical  indicators

          *Create your own quote page

           *View other broker's activities


  Why invest in Stocks?


           *Stock ownership  takes advantage  of a growing economy

           *They are the best way to stay  ahead of inflation

           *They are easy to buy

           *They are also  easy to sell

           *The stock market  is designed to go up over time.


With RCBC Securities' ezTrade, you can  trade stocks
on a  weekday if you're working,
or even on a holiday while you're travelling


Open an account today.

  • Profile
    • RCBC Securities, Inc., (RSEC) is the stockbrokerage unit of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), the Philippines' 7th largest private commercial bank and a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). RSEC is a 100%-owned subsidiary of RCBC Capital Corporation (RCAP), which in turn is 100%-owned by RCBC.

      The company was established in August 1973 as Pacific Basin Securities Company, Inc., and changed its name to RCBC Securities, Inc. on July 20, 1995.

  • Service Offered
    • It is engaged in the buy and sell of shares of publicly listed companies at the Philippine Stock Exchange, both through traditional means and on-line, and in providing free corporate and market research.

    • Competitive Attributes

      • Long track record of operations
      • Support from RCBC Capital Corp., Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.

        and the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC)

      • Industry ranking and financial condition
      • Experienced management team
  • Vision


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    Anyone here using RCBC EZTrade? Is opening an account as easy as BDO Nomura once you have an RCBC Online account?
  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    I think matagal na tong RCBC EzTrade kasabay nila FirstMetroSec.. Ngayon ko lang naalala after maglabas ang RCBC ng FX Currency trading..

    Okay ba trading platform ng RCBC EZ trade? may App sila sa Android at Appstore?
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    • RSEC has been in the stockbrokerage business for almost four decades, having started in 1973
      • In 1998, RSEC completed the full computerization of its backroom operations.

        In 1999, RSEC became the first bank-owned stockbrokerage in the Philippines to offer an online stock trading service. The service, called RCBC eztrade, allowed clients the convenience to post buying and selling orders on their own at the lowest possible commission rate. To market the facility, RSEC partnered with the Philippine Stock Exchange Education committee in conducting stock market seminars for small investors from 1999 to 2001.

        In early 2013, RSEC formed a non-exclusive partnership with Okasan Securities Group, Inc., Japan's 6th largest stockbrokerage company in terms of operating revenues, under which the two entities will cooperate to sell Philippine equities to Japanese institutional investors.

        In 2014, RSEC completed the upgrade of its online stock trading platform in order to ensure real-time delivery of information and receipt and execution of orders.

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    This is how it looks like. Hello Mike Cruz user.

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    Any RCBC Eztraders here?
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    RCBC ezTrade
    Invite us to conduct the Seminar in your Company / School / Organization.   We can even customize the seminar to your needs.   Email Us: [email protected]
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    STOCKS 101
    • What are stocks?
    • Basically, stocks are shares in a certain company. It entitles the holders to partial ownership of the company and its earnings. Ownership depends on how much stocks you own, or your ''share'' in the company.
    • Why are there Stocks?
    • Stocks are issued and sold to the market when companies need money. They do this through an IPO or an initial public offering. They offer shares of stocks and then they use the proceeds to finance their activities like operations and expansions. There are 2 basic types of stocks that companies offer: Common Stocks and Preferred Stocks.
    • How do stocks work?
    • Stocks are traded in a market. In the Philippines, stocks can be traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange. When you want to buy or sell a stock, you transact it through your broker. You either bid to buy a stock or offer to sell.
    • How do you earn or lose money from stocks?
    • When you buy a stock, you earn money when you are able to sell your stock at a higher price than you bought it and you lose money when you sell it at a lower price. You can also earn money by receiving dividends from the company in which you have shares in.

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    She is an RCBC EZtrader?
  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Really interested with RCBC green. Is it a UITF, MF or ETF?
  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    sana isang login or may option sa RCBC website for RCBC Ez Trade.

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  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Is Sunlife Mutuals traded at RCBC EZTrade?
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    Asan  na yung RCBC eztrader?
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    hmm wala pa rin pala app ang RCBC EZtrade. parang okay yung app ng Philstocks.hehe.

    maganda sana kung may intense marketing ni RCBC si RCBC Securities EZ Trade kung okay trading platform nila.

    ang RCBC realty corporation operates the RCBC and Malayan plaza sa Ortigas, Makati, BGC and Binondo?  ayaw ba maglabas ng RCBC REIT  or EEIREIT ang YGC? 

    okay naman ang construction works ng EEI? sayang kung walang REIT. besides RCBC Plaza Makati is still in demand office space. Preferred site pa rin.
  • Regarding po sa application ko at doucuments about sa open account pwede po bang scanned documents ang ipapasa ko sa company?
  • destone said:
    Regarding po sa application ko at doucuments about sa open account pwede po bang scanned documents ang ipapasa ko sa company?
    send ko nalang thru email;
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