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Investor relations call research team member opening, 2 slots available

Hi there, inviting applicants to look at the Jobstreet ad: 


  • bravo333bravo333 Member ✭✭
    We have paid leaves, weekend off and Philippine holidays off. We have health insurance courtesy of Intellicare, and for those with cars, we have a first come first serve basis slots but when availability becomes an issue, ranking will take precedence. 3 shifts soon for the entire team currently just 2 for the call research team. The other team is the data processing team and they start their opening at 7 am. Call team starts 1 PM for the opening shift and the closing shift starts at 8 and there is a round robin of shift reassignment but done democratically.  
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  • bravo333bravo333 Member ✭✭
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  • bravo333bravo333 Member ✭✭

  • bravo333bravo333 Member ✭✭
    We have made some changes as our group of companies is currently expanding. We have been shifted back to the original company that was the prime contractor for the Australian Stock Exchange listed company, whose fully owned subsidiary is the direct client. Please visit the new ad at:

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