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MMFF 2018: Girl in the Orange Dress

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Tweet Scoop: 4 MMFF 2018 Entries Revealed

Image courtesy of Twitter: marinelRcruz


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    can't wait to see this film...
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    movie's cast

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    Pagba-back out ni Kim sa movie, pinaliwanag ni Echo
    SHOWBIZ NEWS NOW NA! - Boy Abunda (Pilipino Star Ngayon) - July 17, 2018 - 12:00am

    Kabi-kabila ang ginagawang proyekto ngayon ni Jericho Rosales. Malapit nang mapanood sa Kapamilya network ang bagong teleseryeng pagbibidahan ng aktor. Malaki ang pasasalamat ni Jericho sa Aegis dahil sa kantang Halik na siya ring titulo ng bagong soap opera. “Maraming salamat dahil ipinahiram n’yo ang awit sa show namin with the same title, Halik. Coming soon with Sam (Milby), Yen Santos and Yam Concepcion,” bungad ni Jericho.

    Bukod sa bagong serye ay isang pelikula rin ang gagawin ng aktor kasama sina Jessy Mendiola at Kim Chiu para sa nalalapit na Metro Manila Film Festival“It’s a story about dalawang mag-asawa and nagkabuhul-buhol. It’s a romantic comedy tungkol sa isang artista, ako ‘yung artista,” pagbabahagi ni Jericho.

    Kamakailan ay napabalitang nag-backout diumano si Kim sa MMFF movie na kanilang gagawin pero nilinaw ito ng aktor. “It’s too early to say that. Alam mo naman ang pelikula, minsan ako, minsan hindi ako. Hindi ko alam, wala namang backout na naganap,” giit ng aktor.

    Read more at https://www.philstar.com/pilipino-star-ngayon/showbiz/2018/07/17/1834268/pagba-back-out-ni-kim-sa-movie-pinaliwanag-ni-echo#cBPMvvSQMgR2V6G8.99
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    Jericho defends Jessy against those questioning her inclusion in MMFF 2018 entry

    by Faye Guerrero posted on July 17, 2018


    Jericho Rosales responds to netizens questioning why Jessy Mendiola was picked to star in their MMFF 2018 entry The Girl In The Orange Dress.  

    Bashers are questioning why Jessy Mendiola was chosen to star in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry The Girl In The Orange Dress.

    In response, Jericho Rosales defended his leading lady against netizens who say they will not watch this MMFF 2018 entry.

    Five months before the 44th edition of the MMFF, some netizens are already saying they will skip this movie come December.

    A netizen using the handle @iambethraquino27 posted in the comments section of Jericho's Instagram account. Her comment (which is now deleted) goes: "Malaman ito lang ang diko papanuoring movie mo @jerichorosalesofficial i dont like jessy [email protected]"

    Jericho responded by commenting: "wag po tayo magsalita ng tapos :) maganda story. Baka may mapulot ka :) but thank you"

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/16/600-Jericho-Jessy-will-not-.jpg

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/16/600-Jericho-defends-Jessy.jpg

    Other netizens also shared the same sentiments: 

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/17/600-Jericho-Jessy-skip-MMFF.jpg

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/17/600-Jericho-Jessy-not-watch.jpg

    Instagram user @kiacortesdavid expressed regret and asked why Jessy was chosen to be a lead actress: "Haysssss Sayang ang movie! Why Jessy?" 

    Jericho asked back: "why not? She’s perfect for the role?"  

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/16/600-Jericho-Why-Jessy.jpg

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/16/600-Jericho-Jessy-MMFF-role.jpg

    In her own Instagram account, Jessy posted a screengrab of her look test with Jericho.

    Through her caption, she revealed that the names of their characters are Anna and Rye. This film produced by Quantum Films will be directed by Jay Abello. 

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/07/16/Jericho-Jessy-MMFF-PEP.jpg

    IMAGE @senorita_jessy on Instagram

    Read more at https://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/28197/jericho-defends-jessy-against-those-questioning-her-inclusion-in-mmff-2018-entry#UtXCAdgorAORQtuy.99
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    • The Girl in the Orange Dress was reported that Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, and Jericho Rosales are among those mentiones to star the said film.
    • However, rumors circulated that Jennylyn Mercado will replace Kim in the said movie.
    • If these rumors are true, Jennylyn and Jericho will have their reunion in MMFF 2018.

    Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 entry The Girl in the Orange Dress as revealed by the Selection Committee on June 29 is reported to feature Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, and Jericho Rosales as stars. However, rumors circulated that Jennylyn Mercado will replace Chiu in the said movie project.

    The said rumors also hinted that Mendiola would also no longer be part of the film as well.

    If these rumors are true, Jennylyn and Jericho will be reunited in this MMFF 2018 film after they did a film together via romantic comedy Walang Forever in 2015.

    Back then, Rosales was the replacement to JM de Guzman who pulled out of the project due to personal reasons. Walang Forever became Jennylyn’s seventh MMFF entry after her 2014 award-winning film English Only, Please.

    Other three who joined the  The Girl in the Orange Dress as announced by the 2018 Selection Committee included: Popoy en Jack: The Puliscredibles starring Coco Martin and Vic Sotto; Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince, and the Perya starring Vice Ganda, Maris Racal, Loisa Andalio and Maymay Entrata.

  • aki_diwataaki_diwata Member ✭✭✭
    #TheGirlInTheOrangeDress Day 1

  • blue_birdblue_bird Member ✭✭✭
    This will be Echo's 9th appearance in MMFF & 5th consecutive years since (2014Bonifacio Unang Pangulo (2015Hashtag Walang Forever (2016ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2 (2017Siargao & this year (2018The Girl In The orange Dress. to name a few, Tanging Yaman in (2000Bagong Buwan (2001Baler (2008) & Yesterday Today & Tomorrow in (2011)
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    edited August 4

    Kim Chiu clarifies she’s not part of MMFF entry ‘Girl in the Orange Dress’

    ABS-CBN News

    Posted at Aug 01 2018 01:19 AM

    Kim Chiu has clarified that she is not part of the movie "Girl in the Orange Dress," an entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. 

    She said she was surprised to find out that she was included in the movie's cast alongside Jessy Mendiola, Jericho Rosales and Tom Rodriguez when the entries were announced. 

    "Nagulat po kami noon. Nasa Hawaii kami nu'ng nakita ko sa Twitter na kasali nga ako," she told ABS-CBN News' Mario Dumaual during a press conference for her new flick, "One Great Love," this Tuesday. 

    She explained that she was just one of the "proposed" actresses for the movie. Her clarification came days after reports claimed that she was "dropped" from the project. 

    She said that "One Great Love," which also stars Dennis Trillo and JC de Vera, is her proposed entry to this year's film festival. 

    Four more entries are to be determined, to be picked from the finished film submissions. 

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    Denise, Sasha, Anna, and Kakai

  • aki_diwataaki_diwata Member ✭✭✭
    First teaser soon
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭

    Teaser of MMFF 2018 Entry, 'The Girl in the Orange Dress'

    Video courtesy of YouTube: Quantum Films
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    Ria talks about the movie
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭

    GMA-7 star Sheena Halili shoots MMFF 2018 entry with ABS-CBN actresses

    posted on September 2, 2018

    IMAGE @mysheenahalili on Instagram

    Sheena Halili works with ABS-CBN actresses Ria Atayde, Jessy Mendiola, and Hannah Ledesma in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Fest entry The Girl In The Orange Dress.

    GMA-7 actress Sheena Halili gets the opportunity to work for the first time with actresses from rival network, ABS-CBN.

    She will be part of the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry The Girl In The Orange Dress, top-billed by Jessy Mendiola and Jericho Rosales.

    Sheena has been posting behind-the-scenes photos with co-stars Jessy, Hannah Ledesma, and Ria Atayde on her social media accounts.

    In separate Instagram posts, Sheena and Jessy revealed the names of the characters they are set to portray.

    Ria will portray Kakai while Jessy will play Anna, the main character of the movie.

    Sheena is set to play Sasha, while Hannah's name is Denise.

    Sheena wrote in her caption, "Denise, Sasha, Anna & Kakai.

    "Napaka-dali at saya ninyong katrabaho #girlintheorangedress"

    Jessy then replied to her co-star, "SISTER CODE!!!!"

    GMA-7 director LA Madrilejos, who formerly worked in ABS-CBN, told Jessy in the comments section, "@senorita_jessy mabait yan si @mysheenahalili"

    image: https://contents.pep.ph/images2/2018/08/28/Sheena-3.jpg

    This is the first time that Sheena will be seen in the movies after a few years.

    Her last film was the 2012 movie Just One Summer, starring Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona.

    This is also the first time she will be seen in a movie dominated by Kapamilya stars.

    The Girl In The Orange Dress is directed by Jay Abello who previously directed the 2018 indie film Pinay Beauty. 

    Read more at https://www.pep.ph/guide/movies/28406/gma-7-star-sheena-halili-shoots-mmff-2018-entry-with-abs-cbn-actresses#Iw6wylMcL4pVFYKa.99

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    Set visit


    shooting a scene
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭

    Insta Scoop: Jennylyn Mercado Appears in 'The Girl in the Orange Dress'

    Image courtesy of Instagram: mercadojenny

    Image and Video courtesy of Instagram: jennylynactivity
  • aki_diwataaki_diwata Member ✭✭✭
    Anna and Rye


  • aki_diwataaki_diwata Member ✭✭✭
    teaser 2

    His right timing.
    Her perfect moment.
    He remembers.
    She forgot.
    How will they find their "we"?

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    What makes Jessy and Echo's film special

    November 01, 2018
    Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola
    Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola

    JERICHO Rosales is back with Quantum Films in “The Girl in the Orange Dress”, an entry in the coming Metro Manila Filmfest this December. This is his second filmfest entry under Quantum Films. The first one was “Walang Forever”, which won him the Metro Filmfest best actor award in 2016. He was then paired with Jennylyn Mercado. Now, he’s paired with Jessy Mendiola.

    In the story, Echo plays Rye del Rosario, a popular actor adored by everyone. He is larger than life and is identified with all the glitz and glamor of showbiz, but people don’t really know who the real Rye del Rosario is and Rye himself is starting to feel alienated from all the superficial hustle and bustle of life in showbiz. One night, he meets a girl in an orange dress in a party. He leaves with her and they end up spending the night together in a hotel.

    The strange girl doesn’t know that he is a well-known celebrity and treats him just like some ordinary guy and Rye likes it. But soon, the girl disappears and he doesn’t even know her name. So he looks for her and refers to her as the girl in the orange dress who regards him as a real person and not as just this big-named actor.

    The film's director, Jay Abello, says he’s just so amazed at the great chemistry between Echo and Jessy as the lead stars in the movie. “You will really root for them kasi they really look good together and very natural sila in their respective roles,” he says. “Maraming kikiligin sa mga eksena nila together.”

    It’s the first time for Echo to do a movie with Jessy and he says he’s surprised that she can be good in both their comic and dramatic scenes. “She’s really a fine actress at hindi ako magugulat kung malayo ang mararating niya,” he adds.

    The special guests in the movie are the real life sweetheart of Jessy, Luis Manzano, and Echo’s former partner in “Walang Forever”, Jennylyn Mercado, who also happens to be an ex-GF of Luis. This makes “The Girl in the Orange Dress” truly special and one of the must see films in the coming Metro Manila filmfest.

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