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Pahingi po advice sa Roof Repainting

Hello po. :) Plano kase po namin magparepaint ng bubong, bale po 132 sqm ung area nya, ung material ay ung typical na sim. Gusto ko sana humingi ng advice:

1. Ang quote po samin ay 27k, fair price po ba yun? Magkano ung mga repainting projects nyo inabot? Meron kase nagsasabi sakin 10k lang daw pwede na. 

2.  Ung sa nababasa ko po, practical daw na light color ung gamitin para sa bubong para hindi mainit. Plano namin sana gawing cream or white or beige ung color. Pero sa totoo ung napupusuan kong color ay yung medyo dark, maybe dark brown or dark gray. May difference ba talaga sa temperature na noticeable depende sa color ng bubong or pwede ba ako magdepende nalang sa kung ano ung aesthetically pleasing sakin? hehe.

3. Gaano ba kadalas kailangan magrepaint? Every 3 years? 5? 

First time home owner palang po kase tapos wala pang matanungan. Mahirap naman po magpasimula ng patrabaho na hindi informed kaya umaasa sana ko na meron ditong makakatulong sakin.

Thank you! :)


  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    10K is what a freelancing "pakyawan" foreman will suggest.

    a contractor will explain the process after telling you how much it will cost. they have to clean and put primer then paint it thrice. the process may take less than a week. a freelance will finish the job by 1-2 days.

    the process is as follows:
    removal of dirt and patching (1-2 day),
    treatment (1 day)
    application of primer (1 day)
    application of 3 coats of paint (1-2 days)

    10K is just good enough for the repainting with 3 coats or repainting with primer and 2 coats. 27K is much. try asking of 25-30% discount. normally, a contract has a mark up from 40-60%. as a client, you have to understand his company has to charge more to earn a profit rather than a freelancing worker who earning money for himself.

    for the color, dark hues absorb heat.

    maintenance depends on the process of application. 5 years is ideal.

    why not just hire the freelancer for a higher rate like 15-16K as long as he follows the suggested process?
  • Thank you very much for your advice. 27k really is too much if I can get it done for 10- 15k.  I think I'll just go look for a new freelancer if this one's overcharging. Anyway, thank you again. I'll keep your advice in mind and then stick to a 5-year repainting system after this.
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