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Epik Studios: NINJA KIDS V2

kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭

“Now, Epik Studios has close to 50 original and re-imagined titles including lead titles: ‘Bernardo Carpio’ The Cursed Giant, The Nature Goddess ‘Maria Makiling’, The Sea Siren ‘Osyana’, and Wind Warrior ‘Habagat’, and their nemesis ‘Apo Dautan’, ‘Grago’ the Beast, ‘Bandido’, ‘Alakdana’, and ‘Sildado’, created in one Epik Universe called ‘Engkantos’. Also, there is the National Heroes with Supernatural Powers ‘Republika’,” according to Direk Paul.

“We also added to our library some of the existing Viva Franchise like ‘Totoy Bato’, ‘Bad Boy: Land of No Return’, ‘Bagets: Reboot’, ‘Ninja Kids V2’, ‘Kagat ng Dilim’, ‘Magic Kingdom’ to be re-imagined in order to share it to a wider and younger audience,” he added.


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