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Please help ;(

Hello everyone, I’m seeking an assessment sa case ko po. I’m 25 years old, single, 3 years na sa work (US-based company) with 30k+ salary and a 100k+ savings, I have a life insurance with investment link for 2 years now (PRULIFE UK). IT college graduate, but currently studying a new short course or training program for my new career which is Digital Marketing-related and  will take a certification exam after. I only have few travel history, all were in Asian countries. My boyfriend of 8 years and his immediate family are legal permanent residents in the USA, they’re currently living in New York. We’re on a long distance relationship for 2 years. I’m planning to apply for a visa without him knowing. I want to surprise him kasi.

Do I have a good chance of getting approived? Do I have to tell about my boyfriend? Baka po kasi isipin nila magpapakasal kami, but not.

Thanks a lot.

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