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Inquiry about tambak sa lote before building

Good day everyone, 

I bought a piece of land in a flood-prone subdivision previously, then I have asked the engineer of the subdivision if it's okay to top-up the lot with gravel and dirt para tumaas at hindi sayang ang tag-ulan, para masinsin ang lupa.
Sabi nya, huhukayin din naman yun at bahala na ang builder company na magtambak at magsinsin.

Do you think this is a sound advise? Ang alam ko may extra cost pag ang company ang nagtambak, pero ang main reason ko kasi is para tumigas na ang lupa. Ano po ba ang dapat dito, hayaan ang company-builder, or ako na mismo ang magpataas ng lupa na eventually papataasan ko din naman ng 1 meter from main road?

Salamat po.


  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited June 2018
    let me sum up the reply of your engineer, " ..... Bahala na dyan and contractor."

    that is a clear sighn engineer is novice and does not know the basics in elevating the slab. he has to specify the compaction and if there is a fence, it has to be reinforced. the compaction will destroy the fence. most of the time, perimeter fences are segement per side and each side is only connected by a wall footing. in short, your fence may topple. you will also hear "Bahala na dyan" from novice architects.

    if you plan to elevated just the building footprint, the ground floor slab is a suspended slab and it has to be supported by ground beams or you have to have retaining walls to contain the fill.

    bottomline, added cost.

    it would be advisable to get a new engineer because he does not want to make new computations. fully paid ka na ba?
  • inwalksthenightinwalksthenight PEx Rookie ⭐
    @gottalick it, thanks for this info.

    Yung engineer eh parang administrator ng subdivision na pag may kailangang papirmahan regarding one's property, dadaan sa engineer na yun for approval. Yung lupa ko kasi, sobrang malalim, lubog at napupuno ng tubig pag rainy season, nagiging parang sapa. Size is 400sq. Nanghihinayang ako sa panahon na dapat masinsin ang lupa. Sabi nung engineer, huhukayin din naman at mahihirapan ang contractor na gagawa ng bahay, so wag na lang patambakan at hayaan na lang ang contractor, kasi isa pa daw issue eh matatambak ang lupa sa kalsada dahil sa paghuhukay ng contractor sa mga pundasyon. Tama po ba?

    Should I start topping up and ignore his advise? Thanks
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    first check the deeds of restriction of the subdivision if you are allowed to do such lot modify. if the lowest portion of your lot has ponding during rainstorms, better modify your fence into a retaining wall. sooner or later, that fence will collapse because of water saturation. water saturation is the #1 cause of landslides.

    we have encountered high end real estate developments who does not allow fills because it has a negative effect on the adjacent lots. if the lot has a steep slope, the design of the house must conform to the 50% of natural slope.

    topping is a good solution for the ponding but make sue it is compact to standards. a well compact fill will reduce the depth of your foundation and structural budget.

    i doubt if the foundation excavation is enough for the fill of a 400sqm lot.
  • coccomomoacoccomomoa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    May mga libreng tambak po na nagbibigay. Nakakita po ako ng mga ganon if need nyo ng libreng tambak ng lupa. 
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