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"Dentist" performed temporary filing despite my 6 y/o daughter is compalining of a toothache


Tanong ko lang po kung ano/saan puwedeng mag-reklamo dun sa dentista na nag-pasta sa anak ko?

My wife and daughter went to the dental clinic due to my daughter is complaining of a toothache?  The dentist performed temporary filing of molars instead.  After two days namaga yung part ng mukha ng anak ko kung saan yung location ng ngipin na napastahan.  She can't sleep and can't even open her mouth, can't eat.  We rushed her to the hospital for consultation, EENT doctor advised that the cause of swelling is due to abscess.  She ask us to buy medicine and have a panoramic x-ray to be read by the dentist that performed the filing.

The following day we did not see any improvement on the situation.  So we bring her to her pedia, as per advise of her pedia - she needs to be admitted to address the problem.  Day 1 in the hospital, we went back to the dental clinic to inform the dentist that her patient is confined due to swelling of the face.  We asked her to read the x-ray and provide medical certificate of the reading.  As per her reading - "Filing (pasta that she performed) should be removed" and I noticed that she only sign on behalf ("FOR") of the dentist  named in the medical certificate (which is the owner of the clinic).  Three days after, swelling subsided and medical abstract showed that the casue of swelling is due to periodontal abscess.

Nagreklamo na po kami sa barangay, tatlong beses nang nag-harap and the dental clinic (thru their representative) failed to provide the name of the "dentist"

Question 1:  Saan ko siya (Dentista) puwedeng kasuhan dahil mali yung procedure na ginawa niya sa anak ko?

Question 2: Saan ko puwedeng I-reklamo yung dental clinic? at yung "Dentista"? Dahil naniiwala ako na hindi registered dentist yung nag-pasta sa anak ko, kasi hindi pangalan niya ang nakalagay sa medical certificate.  Nag-FOR lang siya at nabanggit niya na staff lang siya dun.

Marami pong Salamat!


  • gerbilgerbil PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    PDA and PRC if desidido ka magreklamo. Make sure completely documented lahat ng clinic visits, consults, labs, medicines ng anak mo. Request for a clinical abstract sa medical records ng hospital where she was admitted and if possible, pati dun sa doctors certifying that she was brought to them for consult at yung findings nila.
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Moderator
    edited June 2018 #3
    Kinunan ba ng x-ray yung ipin nung nasa dental clinic ? Mukhang cellulitis ang nangyari, pero sa totoo lang hindi ito dahil sa temporary filling.  The cellulitis is caused by pus ("nana") accumulating inside her face, the source most likely is her infected tooth. Is she still bottle-feeding at her age or perhaps she has stopped already ?

    I empathize with your concern for your daughter but I must tell you the truth. The cause of the cellulitis is a long standing infection inside your daughter's mouth, which most likely has persisted weeks if not months before you visited her current dentist. At her age unfortunately you cannot rely on her to brush her own teeth. You will have to do it for her, especially now. Right now what is critical is that one of her parents or her guardian brushes her teeth immediately before she goes to sleep. Not brushing will cause the swelling to get even bigger.

    What needs to be done right away is to have her infected tooth drilled so that the pus has a means to escape. There might also be a need to perform a cut/incision in her soft tissue mucosa to drain the pus. Both of these need to be done right away, there is no time to wait. Please continue communicating with her ENT doctor as her meds will have to be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

    I wish you the best of luck, hopefully your daughter recovers.
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Moderator
    edited June 2018 #4
    * Both of these procedures need to be done if your daughter's cellulitis recurs/persists up to now.

    How to open a tooth so that pus can drain from it :

    How to drain pus from the soft tissue musosa surrounding the teeth :

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