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    :plus_one:  Pero hindi lang naman kasi sa teaching quality ang QS ranking. Kailangan din yan ng Marketing kasi kasama sa scores ang how popular is your university around the world -- ilan students and teachers ang kilala ang university nyo, ilan upcoming students who would want to study in your university, and anong field of study ang kukunin nila sa uni nyo? Tinatanong nila students around the world. Kaya mababa ranking natin kasi hindi madami na foreign students ang gustong mag-aral sa atin or even know of our universities. Siguro nga mga Koreans lang mostly ang nakakilala ng universities natin. Kaya din mas mataas ranking ng Austalian universities kesa sa Pinas ng di hamak kahit na, IMHO, mas matalino/magaling mga graduate sa top uni natin than theirs. Pasintabi sa mga nag-graduate sa Aus unis ha. This is based lang sa experience ko sa workplace considering our company only hires people who came from top 3 unis of each country.

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    Body is 12 characters too short.

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    #MichelleVito #JonLucas

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    Body is 12 characters 2 short

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    Vic Del Rosario with #AnneCurtis #SarahGeronimo Regine Velasquez and #SharonCuneta

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    #JorossGamboa as Tanggol

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    #StarletOfTheDay :heart:
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    Chloe Redondo
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    elijah. said:

    “CinemaOne Originals, which will continue as a festival for edgier, arthouse movies, CineBro Originals, which produces content for the male market, Star Cinema, which will remain committed to producing family-oriented stories, and our newest brand, that will make experiences and movies for the millennial market, Black Sheep,”

    Read More: https://starcinema.abs-cbn.com/2018/6/9/news/abs-cbn-films-is-now-even-bigger-bolder-40380?platform=hootsuite

    Magkakaroon na rin ng units ang ABS-CBN Films? Siguradong magtatayo na rin si mumang Deo ng sarili nyang unit.😁

    "But apart from looking back on the amazing 25 years its had, Olive also had her sights on the years to come, and announced that ABS-CBN Films won’t only be comprised of Star Cinema anymore."
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    from Michelle Williams to Aegis to Diana Ross, Kiefer makes a really pretty girl! #YFSF
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    Esang as Jake Zyrus sorta looks like a slimmer, younger version of LA Lopez. #YFSF
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