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Mga Boss, may idea ba kayo for a good acoustic guitar? Click me

I am already 13 so I GUESS I can play any kinds of guitar.
Finger strength? Not enough for barre chords, but I can already play chords, so i can play songs.
Imma go for steel string guitars.

So I am looking for a replacement on my first guitar. I didn't buy it, it was given to me because my cousin is not using it anymore, so I have no idea for its details.

I am looking for an acoustic guitar that has rich sound quality. I usually play Linkin Park songs, but I play other songs too. Still, I am looking for a "rich" sound.

I actually prefer Maple and Sitka Spruce but others will do. Also Hand-Made.

Do you have ideas for a good acoustic guitar? If you are from Clark, Balibago or Angeles City I would be glad to hear from you.

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