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The Best Surgeon

I just want to share something. I always dream to have a pointed nose and to have a sexy breast. I am an OFW and trying to save money to undergo rhinoplasty and breast implant. I worked in the US for 5 years and finally, I have enough funds for my nose and breast. So, when I was in the US, I have 3 doctors in mind. Doctors Rino, Yappy, and Joaquino. I did a thorough research. So with Doc Rino, I am seeing bunch of pretty reviews and same with Yappy. For me, all to be good to be true. So there, I have one option left-it's Doctor James B. Juaquino. Same thing, I did a thorough review. I saw one bad review, but I didn't buy it.  Doctor James Joaquino must be a good doctor because the reviews are silly and obviously someone is trying to destroy him. So what I did, I called a friend- a Bb.Pilipinas queen. I asked her about Doc James Joaquino and to my surprise, she is a patient of Doc James. And she told me that this Doctor is a surgeon for celebrities and top personalities. So, my theory is correct, someone or somebody is trying to destroy the good doctor. I kept on searching for honest reviews and there I saw a lot! 
So I went home ( to the Philippines) for my surgery. Doctor James Joaquino is professional in dealing with patients and easy to deal with. My surgery, was perfect! I love my nose and my breast. Now I am back in Chicago, prettier and gorgeous!

Guys listen, I am a registered nurse and I have surgeon friends here in the US. Their advice is if you are looking for a great outcome, go to a plastic surgeon and don't let a cosmetic surgeon do it for you. Plastic surgeon are the ones who do repairs. They are good at repairing bad surgeries. 

So there! I hope this helps!


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