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UST XX | Tigritude: Resilience and Excellence #USTePaRin

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Welcome to the official PinoyExchange Thread of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas (UST) Volleyball Teams!


The history of the Volleyball program of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) traces down to its roots as one of the four founding members of the UAAP. It has produced numerous championships in the Men's, Women's and Girls divisions, including several MVPs and awardees in both the UAAP and other club leagues. UST was seen at the forefront of the rise of the popularity of volleyball in the Philippines, winning championships after championships when the sport was started to be televised. 

Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
Head Coach: Emilio "Kung Fu" Reyes Jr.
Assistant Coach: Christian "Ian" Fernandez, Mark Gil Alfafara, Paul Jan Doloiras
Conditioning Coach: Karch Camanguian

UAAP Season 80 Lineup:

TEOPE, Alyssa (@alyssateope)
02: RIVERA, Rica Jane (@ricariveraaa )
04: VIRAY, Caitlin (@_KEYTLEEN )
05: SANDOVAL, Carla (@crlsndvl)
06: ALESSANDRINI, Milena (@milenaalessand9) S80 Rookie of the Year 
07: BICAR, Alina Joyce (@alina_akoo)
08: PACRES, Mary Dominique (@marypacres1)
11: POLLENTES, Catherine Carmel (@backCATone)
12: BANGAD, Cecilia "Jinggay" (@jinggayzii)
14: FRANCISCO, Christine Dianne (@tinfrancisco_14)
16: RONDINA, Cherry Ann (@Rondina011S80 Best Scorer
17: PALEC, Shannen (@ShanLovesLee)
18: CAMALIGAN, Jessie Lyn
19: DIZON, Mildred Thea (@_miadizon)

 Facebook - Twitter

Head Coach: Arthur "Odjie" Mamon
Assistant Coach: Benjamin "Benjie" Mape, Mark Gil Alfafara, Romnick Rico

UAAP Season 80 Lineup:

01: SAWAL, Lester Kim
02: VALENZUELA, Vyxen Vaughn
03: BAUTISTA, Arnold Jr. (@ADVBautista)
04: TAJANLANGIT, Jerald David
05: MILLADO, John Michael (@john_millado)
06: CASILLAN, Aldous Darcy (@CasillanAldous)
07: SUMAGAYSAY, Jayvee (@JSumagaysay07S80 Best Blocker
09: TAJANLANGIT, Timothy James (@timtajanlangit)
10: MEDINA, Manuel Andrei (@andreimawel)
11: UMANDAL, Joshua (@joshua_umandal)
12: CORDA, Hernel Jem
14: BURO, Juren Jireh
15: ICALINA, Isaiah (@icalina_isaiah)
16: CARODAN, Tyrone Jan

GIRLS: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Head Coach: Emilio "Kung Fu" Reyes Jr.
Assistant Coach: Christian "Ian" Fernandez, Shaq Delos Santos

UAAP Season 80 Key Players:

LAURE, Ejiya (@eyalaureee) - MVP (S78), Best Attacker (S77), Best Setter (S76), Best Opposite (S79), Best Opposite (S80)
PEPITO, Bernadette (@Little_Ppepito) - Best Receiver (S78), Best Libero (S79), Best Libero (S80)
MANGULABNAN, Ma. Regina (@Magentical)
HERNANDEZ, Imee (@HernandezImee) - Best Middle Blocker (S80)

BOYS: Facebook

Head Coach: Clarence Esteban
Assistant Coach: Rommel Abella

UAAP Season 80 Key Players:

SENORON, Lorenz (c) - Best Opposite (S79), Best Opposite (S80)
REQUINTON, Jeron - 2nd Best Middle Blocker (S79), Best Middle Blocker (S80)
DE VEGA, Rey - Best Server (S79), Best Server (S80)
SEGUI, CJ - Rookie of the Year (S80)
CHAN, Robin
SOLIS, Julianne Miguel
BELTRAN, Nathaniel
DE LEON, Ashley Gabriel
EUGENIO, Kyle Christian
CABRERA, Jeffrey
TAJANLANGIT, Jesse Emmanuel
ILAO, John Stephen
DE GUZMAN, Teo Aloysius


Head Coach: Paul Jan Doloiras
Assistant Coach: Romnick Rico

Women's Lineup:

RONDINA, Cherry Ann (c) - MVP (S77, S79, S80)
VIRAY, Caitlyn - Rookie of the Year (S79)
BANGAD, Cecilia "Jinggay"

Men's Lineup:

GUZMAN, Kris Roy (c) - MVP (S79), ROY (S76)
ARBASTRO, Anthony Lemuel


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  • Expelliarmus_27Expelliarmus_27 Moderator PEx Moderator


    DEC27: EJ Laure skips Season 80 due to shoulder injury; UST tapped Italian rookie Milena Alessandrini


    APR21: Tigresses crashed to 7th place with 4-10 Record in Season 80
    APR28: UST Men's Volleyball Team finished 4th place anew; Bautista, Sumagaysay, Carodan graduates
    MAY09: Cherry Rondina wins Best Scorer Plum, Milena Alessandrini cops Rookie of the Year Award. Jayvee Sumagaysay wins Best Blocker Award


  • Expelliarmus_27Expelliarmus_27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    (L-R) Francis Vicente (GVT)
    August Sta. Maria (WVT)
    Emiliano Lontoc (MVT and Beach Volley)
    Shaq Delos Santos (WVT)


    BALSE, Mary Jean (Season 67-70) - ROY (S67), Best Attacker (S70)
    BANATICLA, Maruja (Season 72-75)
    BERNAL, Venus (Season 67-70) - MVP (S69), Best Scorer (S69)
    BOTOR, Joana
    CABALLEJO, Judy Ann (Season 71-75)
    CABANOS, Alexine Danielle (Season 75-79)
    CO YU KANG, Karen (Season 65-68)
    CO YU KANG, Kate (Season 65-68)
    CO, Bernice Abigail (Season 71)
    CORTEZ, Chlodia Eiriel (Season 75-79)
    CRUZ, Natalie
    CURATO, Jessica (Season 70-72)
    DE LEON, Jessie Laine (Season 74-78)
    DE LEON, Rubie
    DIMACULANGAN, Rhea Katrina (Season 70-74) - Finals MVP (S72), Best Server (S72)
    DUSARAN, Dancel Jan (Season 73-77)
    FULO, Ana Eliza
    HIROTSUJI, Midori (Season 73-76)
    LANTIN, Ma. Loren (Season 73-76)
    LASTIMOSA, Pamela Tricia (Season 74-77, 79)
    MABBAYAD, Lilet (Season 68-69) - ROY (S68)
    MAIZO, Aiza (Season 68-69, 71-73) - Best Scorer (S71, S73), Best Attacker (S71), Best Receiver (S73)
    MANCE, Hannah (Season 70-72)
    MANINGAT, Dixia
    MENESES, Marivic Velaine (Season 76-79) -Best Blocker (S77)
    ORTIZ, Maika Angela (Season 71-75) - Best Attacker (S74)
    PALOMO, Lourdes
    PANO, Joyce
    PIMENTEL, Roxanne (Season 59) - MVP (S59)
    RAVENA, Mozzy
    REYES, Ingrid Julienne (Season 74-75, 78)
    SANTIAGO, Aleona Denise (Season 72)
    TABAQUERO, Ma. Angeli (Season 68-70, 72)
    TAN, Denise Patricia (Season 68-71) - Best Setter (S69)
    TORRIJOS, Joanna (Season 67-70)
    TUNAY, Ma. Carmela (Season 74-78)

    ABELLA, Rommel
    ALFAFARA, Mark Gil (Season 73-77) - MVP (S75), Best Scorer (S76, S77), Best Attacker (S76), Best Blocker (S75), Best Server (S76)
    BALSE, Patrick Theodore (Season 74-78)
    DALIT, Mark (Season 70-72)
    DEPANTE, John Salvador (Season 72-75)
    DIMACULANGAN, Ray Karl (Season 68-72) - Finals MVP (S71), Best Server (S70, S71, S72)
    DOLOIRAS, Paul Jan (Season 70-74) - Best Receiver (S73, S74)
    ESTEBAN, Clarence
    FRANCISCO, Justin Raymund (Season 76-79)
    ILANO, Harby (Season 69-73)
    JOSE, Jerico (Season 76-77, 79)
    LAUREL, Ian
    MACABULOS, Marlon (Season 69) - Rookie of the Year (S69)
    MAMON, Arthur Odjie
    MANLAPAZ, Oliver (Season 61) - MVP (S61)
    PECANA, Henry James (Season 69-73) - Finals MVP (S72), Best Receiver (S71)
    RAMOS, Jayson (Season 70-74) - Season MVP (S74), Finals MVP (S73), Rookie of the Year (S70), Best Attacker (S71)
    REYES, Charles Glendon (Season 67-71) - Best Digger (S70)
    REYES, Emilio Kung Fu Jr.
    ROQUE, Nazareno (Season 67-71) - MVP (S70)
    SARABIA, Jason (Season 74-78)
    TORRES, John Paul (Season 69-73) - MVP (S73), Best Scorer (S73), Best Attacker (S73)

    BANATICLA, Maruja (Season 68-71)
    BARBON, Baby Love (Season 79) - 2nd Best Open Hitter (S79)
    BUAN, Jelly (Season 71-74) - ROY (S71)
    DIMACULANGAN, Rhea Katrina (Season 66-69)
    FAJARDO, Kim (Season 69-72) - Best Setter (S72)
    GASTON, Pauline (Season 74-77) - Best Blocker (S76, S77)
    GASTON, Therese (Season 73-76)
    GOTIS, Carissa
    HIROTSUJI, Midori (Season 69-72) - Best Server (S72)
    LAURE, Ennajie (Season 73-76) - Finals MVP (S76), Best Attacker (S76), Best Server (S74), Best Receiver (S75)
    LOPEZ, Carmela (Season 66-69)
    PATNONGON, Aerieal (Season 69-72)
    SANTIAGO, Aleona Denise (Season 68-71)
    SANTIAGO, Alyja Daphne (Season 72) - ROY (S72)
    VALDEZ, Alyssa (Season 69-72) - MVP (S70, S71, S72), Best Attacker (S72)

    Beach Volleyball

    AMAR, Valerie Jen (Season 72)
    BANATICLA, Maruja (Season 72-76) - CHAMPION (S74, S75), MVP (S75), ROY (S72)
    CABALLEJO, Judy Ann (Season 71-75) - CHAMPION (S74, S75), MVP (S74)
    FORTUNO, Jennifer (Season 73)
    GUTIERREZ, Jem Nicole (Season 79) - CHAMPION (S79)
    LASTIMOSA, Pamela Tricia (Season 74-76)
    RIVERA, Rica Jane (Season 77-78) - CHAMPION (S77), ROY (S77)
    TABAQUERO, Ma. Angeli (Season 71)

    ALFAFARA, Mark Gil (Season 74-77)
    ILANO, Harby (Season 71-73)
    PECANA, Henry James (Season 71-73) - CHAMPION (S71, S72), MVP (S71)
    RAMOS, Jayson (Season 71-74) - CHAMPION (S71, S72), MVP (S72)


    Some UST volleyball alumni have become a regular fixture in game commentating, being potent parts of the sport, even outside the court. Tex Suter and Doc Ian Laurel are champion setters of the Spiking Tigers. Mozzy Ravena, one of the pioneer commentators of the sport, is a 3-time champion. Young bloods Denise Tan, former Best Setter, and Mela Tunay are proving themselves eloquent as media personalities as well.


  • Expelliarmus_27Expelliarmus_27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    edited May 17

    In the Shakey's V-League, the UST Tigresses is the winning-est team in the league, both in the collegiate and club categories, with six championships. This includes the inaugural championship, one back-to-back, and one three-peat. This also includes four silver finishes, and one bronze medal. They have entered the finals 10 out of the 14 times they've joined, while they've been in the semifinals for 13 out of the 14. 

    Season 4, 2nd Conference Championship
    Season 6, 1st Conference Championship
    Season 6, 2nd Conference Championship
    Season 7, 1st Conference Championship
    Season 13, Reinforced Conference - 4th place

    • Season Most Valuable Player
      • Mary Jean Balse (S1C1)
      • Mary Jean Balse (S6C1)
      • Aiza Maizo (S6C2)
    • Finals Most Valuable Player
      • Mary Jean Balse (S4C1)
      • Venus Bernal (S4C2)
      • Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan (S6C1)
      • Aiza Maizo (S6C2)
      • Aiza Maizo (S7C1)
    • Best Scorer
      • Ennajie Laure (S11C1)
    • Best Attacker
      • Roxanne Pimentel (S2C1)
      • Roxanne Pimentel (S2C2)
      • Mary Jean Balse (S4C1)
      • Aiza Maizo (S7C1)
    • Best Blocker
      • Aiza Maizo (S6C1)
      • Maika Ortiz (S10C1)
      • Marivic Meneses (S11C1)
    • Best Server
      • Joyce Pano (S1C1)
      • Rubie De Leon (S2C1)
      • Mary Jean Balse (S2C2)
      • Aiza Maizo (S5C2)
      • Judy Caballejo (S9C1)
    • Best Digger
      • Dancel Dusaran (S11C1)
    • Best Setter
      • Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan (S6C1)
    • Best Receiver
      • Kate Co Yu Kang (S1C1)
      • Mary Jean Balse (S2C1)
    • Most Improved Player
      • Pamela Lastimosa (S10C1)
    • Best Outside Hitter
      • 2nd - Ennajie Laure (S12 Collegiate)
      • 2nd - Ennajie Laure (S13 Reinforced)
    • Best Middle Blocker
      • 1st - Marivic Meneses (S13 Reinforced)


    The past and present ladies of UST have been a regular fixture in different clubs and volleyball teams both in the Shakey's V-League (now Premier Volleyball League) and the Philippine Super Liga, racking up championships and awards.

  • Expelliarmus_27Expelliarmus_27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    "We are above personal and ad hominem attacks... Everyone is welcome here. We would like to maintain the positive energy of the thread."



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    The Golden Volleyant Legion (GVL)
    The Golden Volleyant Legion is the newly-formed support group composed of fans of the UST Volleyball teams from different parts of the globe.

    Gold, one of the main colors of the UST athletic teams, encompasses their glorious tradition throughout the years and also symbolizes the support group’s unfathomable level of passion in terms of reinforcement.

    ‘Volleyant Legion’, on the other hand, was lifted from the last line of the UST Hymn “…ever your valiant legions imbued with unending grace.”, with a little wordplay to incorporate ‘Volleyball’ in it. It is an allusion to the Church’s army who are perpetually showered with grace… grace for every endeavour; grace for every victory and accomplishment; and the same grace for every downfall or defeat.
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