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I Hate My Job and Want A New Career But Unsure What?

daisyrowleydaisyrowley Member PExer
Want a New Career?

We all get stuck in a rut from time to time. We may have been working for the same company for some time without promotion. Or we may be at the bottom rung of the ladder and believe there is nowhere up. Thinking that we can't change our jobs because it takes time and money to re-train may have some truth to it. But it depends on what area you want to work in. There may be training available on the job, or courses you can do at home. You may even be able to make money without any new qualifications!

What options are out there for me?

If you enjoy the field you work in but want a little more responsibility, why not speak to your manager about it. Ask about any training the company may be offering and put your name down. Be sure to look keen and let those above you know that you want to further your skills. The company should fund any courses and pay you while you attend. You can also do a little homework in your own time by reading up on the work you want to do. You may have an opportunity to show off your knowledge, which puts you in good stead if a promotion comes up.

In House Training

NVQ's are National Vocational Qualifications which mean you train while you are doing the job. Companies apply for funding to put their employees through them or something equivalent. It looks good for the company to have fully trained staff and it benefits staff to gain qualifications. There are different levels of NVQ's. Higher levels (level 4 and 5) tend to be management level which is beneficial for bettering your career. If your employer will not offer NVQ's at this level you could look into funding it yourself through a college if you were serious enough. If you claim certain financial benefits such as Tax Credits, you may get a discount on college fees.

Have a talk to your manager about In House training and what there may be on offer. Distance Learning courses can be offered in some employments. Say yes to any courses available, even if you plan on leaving your current job. It is another certificate to add to your resume.

Unhappy in the Workplace

If you like your job but not your workmates, then talk to someone about it. Stress is common at work but you may be able to work out your problems. Don't create arguments with colleagues. Try to talk to them away from the office, such as in the staff room on a break. By having a conversation which doesn't relate to work may make it easier to get along. We don't all like who we work with, but we still have to spend at least eight hours a day with them!

If a colleague is causing bigger problems, then it might be best to speak to your manager or supervisor. Don't go above your manger at this stage, but if it's worth complaining about find out your rights and who is best to deal with the problem. Sometimes it's not the job itself which is the problem, but one or two people who are not working as a team.

Why Not Work For Yourself?

If you are fed up doing the daily commute, working long hours or unsociable shift work, then another option may be to start up your own business. It may be easier than you think once you get going, but you may have to juggle both jobs until your business sets off. You must be realistic about working for yourself, as it could take a few months to become established, and a lot of determination.

Look at the field you are working in or your dream job and ask yourself if it is possible to make it a reality. If you work with computers you can work from home. As long as you have good internet access then why not? There are many options out there if this is where you want to head.

Online Writing

If you have the knowledge and talent, think about becoming a Content Writer. Build up a portfolio on your website and choose a relevant Domain name. If you have no experience, write some articles as examples and put them on your site. Submit to sites such as Ezine Articles and backlink to your site. You can also sell unused work to sites such as Constant Content for a bit extra money and experience.

Having knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and having the ability to write is a massive head start. You can write blogs for company websites, offer services such as back linking, SEO or write e-books. You will then need the ability to motivate yourself and manage your own time. Remember, you are your own boss!

There are websites you can write for and make money through Google Adsense (like Hubpages) or sell your work to. You can also look at making money with online surveys (although this is hardly a career), or apply to work for companies who require home workers. You could be a virtual PA or be a Data Input worker. You can have the flexibility of being at home while you do your job.

Other Options

If you are a mum (or dad!) and you want to spend more time with the kids, childminding is a great way of earning more cash. As long as it works around the rest of the family, you can become registered with OFSTED (UK) and either childmind full time or part time before and after school. You can find out how to register in your local area. You may have to attend six workshops to begin with and 'baby proof' your home, but if you enjoy working with children it can be a very rewarding job.

If the idea of being inspected puts you off, you could offer 'baby sitting' services to your friends, neighbors or other parents at your child's school.

Think up a Business Idea!

If children are not your thing, why not take care of other people's animals? Dog walking or pet grooming may be good business ideas. Or take care of their pet while they are on vacation. Compete with the local kennels and offer a cheaper service.

If you have a car, you could set up a house sitting business. Opening curtains in the morning and shutting them at night will ease minds when people are away. Many people will pay for someone to keep an eye on their premises or even just water the plants.

If you want to be your own boss and be more flexible, set up a cleaning business. You can go from home to home in your own pace and set your own rates of pay. Check the competition in your area, but try not to steal other people's clients!

Ever needed someone to let the gas man in, or wait around for a parcel to be delivered whilst your out at work? Then offer your paid services to do exactly this. Ensure you have been policed checked and show references beforehand, and build up a client base. You can make yourself available to go to houses and wait for the plumber or electrician to arrive on the home owner's behalf. That way, they do not lose a day's pay staying home.

Get a Plan

If you have something a little more ambitious in mind which involves needing a lot of cash to get started, look at devising a business plan so you can borrow. If you believe you can make a good profit and you know what you are doing, do some thorough research paper and a detailed plan. If you want to run your own coffee shop, or go into the pub trade, get some background information (and maybe a business partner) and show that you are confident enough to go ahead with it.

Get Certified

Check out college courses in your area or distant learning you can do in your own time at home. Find out if you are entitled for funding or can get some of your fees paid for you. There are many options out there, so do your research and don't get stuck in a job you really hate!


  • I am currently working for myself. But I did not change career because I hated the job. I actually love my work before in a BPO company. Or perhaps, it's also because I was lucky to be part of a team of awesome people. But well, circumstances that's out of our control do happen.

    The company is Onehalf. Here's the link to their website just in case you want to know them.  :)
  • It's quite a dilemma especially when one feels stuck in an undesirable career or job.
     It's hard to decide whether to take a completely new direction by aquiring new qualifications and credentials for a different career or go the entrepreneureul route. The second option leaves most people with uncertainty and doubt in their own capabilities even though it's the best and most liberating option especially for online entrepreneurship.
    If you have a passion... why wait until you are worn out and unsatisfied before you start chasing it »»
  • the question is why you want to quit?  
    set your goals in the next 10 years then lay down a plan before rushing in

    consider questions for your goals
    1. where do i want to be?
    2. what do i want to have
    3. who do i want to be? 
    4. what would i like to share?
    5. And the major one - WHY?

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