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Duterte fires Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo

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From Philippine Star

May 8, 2018 - 2:00am

President Duterte greets Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo prior to the start of the 25th Cabinet meeting at Malacañang yesterday

Edith Regalado (The Philippine Star) - May 8, 2018 - 2:00am

Brothers return P60 million ad fee; husband quits tourism post

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte fired Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo at the end of the 25th Cabinet meeting at Malacañang late Monday night.

The president reportedly told Teo to hand in her resignation as tourism chief during a one-on-one talk with her.

Teo attended the meeting called by Duterte after declaring she was not resigning from her post despite controversies hounding the Department of Tourism (DOT) under her leadership.

Earlier Monday, she said she was not resigning amid mounting calls for her to step down following the P60 million in advertisements of the DOT placed in a television program produced and hosted by her brothers, Ben and Erwin Tulfo, and broadcaster Alex Santos.

“I am not resigning. This is not true as I still have the trust and confidence of the President,” Teo said in a message to The STAR conveyed through a third party.

She said her husband, Roberto, would resign as director of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), which is under the DOT. But Roberto will keep his director’s seat in the Land Bank of the Philippines.

Teo attended the cabinet meeting at Malacañang Monday afternoon, where President Duterte shook hands with her.

Teo’s spokesman, lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, said BITAG Media Unlimited Inc. (BMUI) of which Ben Tulfo is chief executive officer and founder, is returning the P60 million paid by DOT for its advertisements on BMUI’s Kilos Pronto magazine show over PTV-4.

Topacio added that Teo is leading an internal investigation in the DOT to determine who is responsible for the fiasco.

He said if Teo had known that the P60-million advertisements the DOT had placed with PTV-4 would be aired on Kilos Pronto, she would not have continued with the deal.

“So someone made a boo-boo somewhere,” Topacio said in a radio interview.

The investigation is conducted, Topacio added, to find out who was negligent and imprudent and caused Teo to sign the contract with PTV-4, resulting in the controversy hounding the DOT secretary at present.

“We are not under the illusion that returning the money will end the investigation or will result in the issue dying down, but we feel this is the right thing to do under the circumstances,” Topacio said.

Malacañang said Bitag Media’s decision to return the P60 million would not influence President Duterte’s decision regarding the tourism secretary.

“It’s up to the President. The issue is, is Wanda staying or not? Only the President can decide on that,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said in a chance interview earlier yesterday.

“The only issue here as far as the President is concerned is whether or not Teo is staying and all these will have no impact on the decision of the President... The President would make a decision, whatever decision he wants to make,” he said.

Roque added that it would be up to the ombudsman to decide whether charges should be filed over the advertising deal.

“The information is very new. I’m not even aware if the President knows about it already. It was just a matter of literally a few minutes before this press briefing when I heard it over the radio,” the spokesman said.

“Right now there are no charges, number one, and number two, I do not know to whom they are returning the money and I do not know the ramification of that,” he added.

Roque declined to answer questions about the possible charges that may be filed in connection with the advertising deal.

“As spokesperson, I think I’d rather not answer that question. Any other lawyer can answer that,” he said.

Roque also claimed to be unaware of the resignation of the secretary’s husband, Roberto, from the board of TIEZA. He said he only heard about the resignation over the radio.

“Apparently Mr. Teo was an appointee of (former) president (Benigno) Aquino (III) in the TIEZA. And he has long tendered his resignation. But he has no successor yet so he remained in his post. He reportedly said he was no longer attending meetings. He was afraid he might be accused of dereliction of duty,” the presidential spokesman added.

Senate probe

As this developed, the Senate will conduct a probe into the controversial advertising contract.

Sen. Nancy Binay, chair of the Senate committee on tourism, had earlier pushed for a probe into the DOT’s spending on advertisements and other marketing initiatives, following the P60-million ad controversy.

In a statement, Binay said she filed the resolution to look into how the tourism department spends its budget for advertising and marketing.

Binay said there is a need to find out how the DOT rationalizes local advertising placements and if they are congruent with the strategic marketing and media plans of the department.

“Perhaps the DOT can shed light on the advertising deal entered into with (PTV-4) following the (Commission on Audit’s) findings,” Binay said.

Moreover, the senator welcomed the decision of BMUI to return the P60 million it received for the ad placements.

“We welcome the gesture of good faith by Bitag to return the P60-million TV ad payment back to the government. Nonetheless, the DOT and PTV-4 need to clarify some issues with regards how commercials are placed and the terms of reference covering such agreements,” Binay said.

In its report posted online last April 27, the COA stated that PTV-4 made the following payments last year to BMUI: P22,089,560 on May 11; P18.96 million on Nov. 8; and P18.96 million on Dec. 15.

Binay said due to limited government funds, the DOT and other agencies must be responsible in spending every peso.

“The budget to improve the image of the Philippines and attract tourists is no joke,” she said.  – With Catherine Talavera, Paolo Romero, Alexis Romero




  • gotta lick itgotta lick it Member ✭✭✭
    ibalik si Mina Gabor.
  • elBartoloelBartolo Member ✭✭✭
    Ibang iba sa #noynoying days.
  • lechon xlechon x Olats ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    ^ yup,kay panot, kulong ang mga kawatan.
    Kay DU30, nakalaya na sila except for kap.
    Hello, gloring, tandang amoy lupa
    Si Napolis, na unsami
    Si Nonog son aka dayonyor, laya na rin.

    Si Teo, sinipa but parang wala lang. Yong 60M isuli daw but drop drop daw.

    Si Teo, magka position din yan sa ibang dept.
    In short, recycle lang yong mga sinpang mga kurakot like Lavina, PDEA Aquino, Faeldon

    To make the story short, mga hipo LOL B)
  • ImpenneteriImpenneteri  ✭✭✭
    Kay pnoy kulong ang kawatan? 

    more like yung mga kalaban lang.
  • sweet.twinssweet.twins sugary ✭✭✭
    the #16MillionIdiots are all confused and do not know how to process this and make it look good.
  • buddywbuddyw Member ✭✭✭

    CA ruling voids Binay’s political ban

    The Court of Appeals may have just cleared the way for former Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay’s return to politics after it voided the Ombudsman’s order which permanently banned him from government service over alleged irregularities in the construction of the P2.3-billion Makati City Hall Building II.

    In its May 3 ruling, the appellate court’s 10th Division said the so-called “Aguinaldo doctrine,” which absolves elected officials of administrative liabilities after their reelection, was still “applicable” to Binay’s case even after the Supreme Court abandoned it in 2015.

    Landmark SC decision
    In that landmark decision which stemmed from the Ombudsman’s earlier order suspending Binay from office for six months, the high tribunal ruled that the condonation doctrine had no legal basis under the 1987 Constitution.

    However, the Supreme Court said the cancellation of the principle should be applied prospectively, which means that all elected officials charged for administrative offenses prior to the promulgation of its decision on Nov. 10, 2015, may still invoke the condonation doctrine.

    “Indubitably, this court cannot sustain the (Ombudsman) with respect to Binay without utterly disregarding the foregoing pronouncements of the Supreme Court,” read a portion of the appellate court’s resolution which was released on Monday.

    Still applicable

    “Considering that the present case was instituted prior to the ruling of the Supreme Court… the condonation doctrine may still be applied,” it said.

    In addition, the appellate court said Binay was correct when he argued that while he signed the two disbursement vouchers for the construction project after his reelection, the project had been approved during his first term.

    “Given the factual circumstances herein and the prevailing jurisprudence, this court holds that the undisputed and subsequent reelection of Binay in the year 2013 is a condonation of his administrative liabilities,” the court stressed.

    The decision was penned by Associate Justice Edwin Sorongon and was concurred in by Associate Justices Sesinando Villon and Maria Filomena Singh.

  • phillyphilly Member ✭✭✭✭
    Kay pnoy kulong ang kawatan? 

    more like yung mga kalaban lang.
    tama. kasi kalaban nya ang kawatan. kalaban ng bayan ang kawatan.

    P60M sinubukang isimple sa mga kapatid. Sana hindi lang talsik. Dapat imbestigahan.
  • ImpenneteriImpenneteri  ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    the #16MillionIdiots are all confused and do not know how to process this and make it look good.
    you can insult as much as you want but at the end of the day you and your tiny faction are irrelevant.

    kaya nga panay spam ng minion nyo dito para kahit papano maabot lang ang quota.
  • knorrknorr 8anned by Abmin PExer
    Opps, ay mali

  • sargosargo got balls ✭✭✭
    knorr said:
    Opps, ay mali

    ano ba yan, pati sa palusot kulang sa coordination! #16MillionIdiots talaga
  • pollywogpollywog ...just because ✭✭✭

      Pag may corruption, tanggal! Can Pnoy say the same?

     Ooops, oo nga pala WALANG corrupt sa cabinet ni Pnoy...  ;)

  • kafamzkafamz CavsNo1fan ✭✭✭
    musta naman si ABAD, DINKY at PABAYA. :lol:
  • ImpenneteriImpenneteri  ✭✭✭
    philly said:
    Kay pnoy kulong ang kawatan? 

    more like yung mga kalaban lang.
    tama. kasi kalaban nya ang kawatan. kalaban ng bayan ang kawatan.

    P60M sinubukang isimple sa mga kapatid. Sana hindi lang talsik. Dapat imbestigahan.

    Kumusta naman ang MRT noong panahon ni PNoy, tinanggal ba si Abaya? yung DAP ni Abad? yung sandamakmak na bigas na panis na hindi man lang na donate ni Soliman? si Roxas sa DILG, tanim bala and such?

    si Revilla, Estrada, at Enrile lang na kulong sa pork barrel scam na pawang hindi kaalyado ni PNoy. Yung kay Corona? tinanggal dahil sa unanimous decision ng SC na isauli ang Hacienda Luisita sa farmer.

    Mukhang may amnesia ka brad.

    Kay Duterte pag may anomalya tanggal or force to resign agad. Si PNoy? bulag, pipi, bingi lang sa mga kabulastugan ng kanyang gabinete.

    Kaya nga irrelevant na mga kaalyado ni PNoy ngayon. Tingnan mo ang recent senatorial survey kumakapit sa dulo na lang ang kaisa-isahang manok nilang si credit grabber Bam Aquino.

  • xpopcornxxpopcornx Member ✭✭✭
    Kung kay 4bnoy yan, hahayaan lang yan kahit magnakaw pa yan ng Bilyones....kita nyo sina Abaya ni hindi sinabihan, si Abad, si Mar ng Yolanda. :)
  • xpopcornxxpopcornx Member ✭✭✭
    Dyan makikita ang napakalaking kaibahan ni President Duterte kay Ex-President 4bnoy....Kay Duterte tanggal....kay 4bnoy deadmabels. :)
  • badJayebadJaye sitting.. wishing.. waiting ✭✭✭
    That is a great move by Digong and Wanda. Politics is all about perception. It doesn't matter whether Wanda does not knows that advertising fee will go towards her brother, the perception is there was nepotism. 

    Now.. on to the next issue.
  • 1delaX1delaX Member ✭✭

    Wanda resigned.



    Btw, si Sereno, sinusuka na ng mga taga SC, ayaw pa rin mag resign.  
    Ang dami sigurong bahong tinatago itong si Sereno baka mabuking kapag nag resign.  Kapal ng face

    SHOW OF DISMAY With hands on their chests, employees of the Supreme Court wear red during Monday’s flag-raising ceremony to show their dismay over perceived irregularities involving Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. —MARIANNE BERMUDEZ



  • gotta lick itgotta lick it Member ✭✭✭
    elBartolo said:
    Ibang iba sa #noynoying days.
    sino gusto mo si Wannabe President Dicky Gordon??

    knorr said:
    Opps, ay mali

    typical Dutertard. walang pinagkaiba kay DuDirty na pa-iba-iba ang pinagsasabi.

    nilaglag ng sariling abogago si Wanda Teo.
  • h0lysh|tyousuckh0lysh|tyousuck B?nned by Adm?n ✭✭✭
    guys.. siya ang ipinalit kay wanda 'di ko alam' teo..

    kelan kaya yung mga pinaghahalikan naman ng matandang ulyanin? o di kaya yung menor de edad na batang kinandong ni 'dapat una si' meyor?

    abang-abang na lang pag may nabakante ulit..
  • xpopcornxxpopcornx Member ✭✭✭
    Warning sa mga Govt. officials....wag kayo mag-corrupt sa panahon ni Duterte, hindi kayo sasantuhin....kung nasanay kayo sa panahon ni 4bnoy na kunsintidor, ibahin nyo ang Duterte admin. :)

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