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Korean Social MMORPG 'Z9 Star' is now in the Philippines

Z9 Star Philippines is already launched it's first Closed Beta Test last April 05, 2018. It's a 2D Side Scrolling Game that focuses on social interactions.

You can customize your own avatar, collect costumes as well as pets. There's a lot of Jobs and activities when you play Z9 Star. You can also take on any job: you can be a farmer who tends to his or her crops or a shepherd who takes care of animals. You can also be a hunter who tracks down dangerous monsters, or a combat specialist whose sole purpose is to defeat the strongest players. Other professions center on cooking, mining, and fishing. It also allows you to build your own house and farm. The game also features a dating system where you can marry with your loved ones, in case you're looking for an online waifu. 😜

Other players can even create quests. While it's mostly highlighting its social aspect by building a new circle of friends, there is still the PVP feature if you want to duke it out with another player, perhaps someone who stole your waifu. 😝 There are dungeons you can raid as well, and boss monsters you can defeat.

You can still join the pre-registration for the upcoming Open Beta Test where you can get a lot of exclusive items including load and cash prizes!

Here's the pre-registration link:

You can visit their active Community Forum here:

For more updates, you can also visit the Official Facebook Page:


  • Happpyy143Happpyy143 PExer
    edited April 2018
    nakapag register na ko. chneck ko narin ung game sa website tska ung forums niyo. paano po idownlaod ung laro? excited much!
  • na try ko na to. maganda naman ung laro more in social interactions sya may pagka arcade style.
  • @Pulpy paano mag register? tska paano idownload ung laro?
  • blackpanth3r nandun sa taas ung link sa post nya. HAHAHA! magreregister ka gaming Facebook mo tapos pwede mo na idownload yung laro. di ko lang alam kung makaka access ka sa laro di pa ata naka open ung server sa public pero pwede ka na mag pre-reg. may pa event sila may free na costume.  =)
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