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Hi guys! Newbie here! I'd like to get your opinions before undergoing rhinoplasty.I'd appreciate any sincere feedback I'll get Including your sample pics if possible.
Possible surgeons I find credible not because sikat sila but because if good feedbacks and experience. Pero masyado ako nalilito 😢. Gusto ko muna malaman opinions niyo about these doctors. 

Dr Al farabi Jafaar- According to my research,dame good feedbacks. Wala pa ako nakita na negative and that's a huge deal for me. 

Dr. RICHARD JOSEPH Cabotage-Siya ang napipisil ko ,I've found the facebooks ng patients niya at natural looking talaga ang gawa niya.He's a double-certified surgeon and that's a big difference na magaling talaga siya. I haven't met him pero my gut is telling me. 

Dr. John michael porquez of cardinal Santos-He piqued my interest dahil sa ginawa niya sa ilong nung nabaksakan ng barbell pero still hesitant padin I dunno. 

Dr Jay recasata of faces and curves-Hmmm halos celebrities napunta sa doc nato,Kim Chiu is their endorser kaya medyo nadala ako pero I need thorough research pa. Hindi padin ako sure .

Please lemme know your experiences with these doctors I've mentioned guys.I really need it badly kasi I wanna get it done before the end of may. Thanks! 

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  • Zeus66 said:
    What is your budget?

    70-90K would be a fair deal. Any knowledge with any of these doctors? Thanks.
  • @Zeus66

    70-90K would be a fair deal. Any knowledge with any of these doctors? Thanks.
  • There are a lot of good cosmetic surgeons in Manila na reasonable yung pricing. Patients looking at having plastic surgery should know that choosing the right surgeon should be made with keen eye to the credentials of the surgeons rather than the popularity of the surgeons alone. Safety other than the result is ideally the utmost consideration of every patient. One good surgeon I would definitely recommend is Dr Rino Lorenzo of the Renewed You Aesthetic Center. He was very supportive throughout the whole time. What i like more about him is that he is realistic about what he could achieve and explained everything in full details. Do update us on how your surgery goes. Thanks! 
  • Hello,

    Just don't go to a cosmetic surgeon. I strongly recommend plastic surgeon which are truly trained when it comes sa rhino,breast augmentation etc. Kasi kapag sa cosmetic surgeon kapag pangit ang gawa ang ending is sa plastic surgeon. So why would you go ahead ang go ka sa plastic surgeon. I would recommend Doc James Joaquino of Newlife Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Binibini title holders lang naman ang naayusan nya. And most celebrities. When it comes to budget, around 50 to 70k. Don't settle for less when it comes to body enhancement. 
    Si Doc James ang umayos ng nose ko and I really love it. He is so professional at mahabang discussions muna before the procedure kasi gusto nya yung bagay sayo talaga at yung gusto mo talaga. 
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