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Any X-Philes here?

What's yer favorite X-Files episode?
(If u ask me, the movie really sucks - kinda ruined the quality of the episodes they're airing on TV)


  • you know what...?! eventhough i watch x-files a lot, i can't seemed to recall any particular episode i like. i dunno...maybe they are all great(in their own special way) or they are all the same...
  • Humbug really made me laugh (hard!). But remember Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, that's good!
  • Last night, because it's sembreak na, i was able to watch X-Files da movie. There's this scene wherein they're gonna kiss each other na, but something came up. The TV series will probably make you conclude that their relationship is purely professional. Ano ba talaga? May napanood na ba kayong episode that would shed light on this? Or any book kaya?? Thanks!! :)

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  • I think that the strange, unexplained and always unclear relationship shared by scully and mulder will always remain precisely THAT -->; unclear. parang sexual tension of chico and delamar, it will never get resolved, and i doubt Chris Carter would want to focus much on that aspect of the show.

    from what i hear, the seventh season ended X-files for good, and there has never been an episode that could shed some definite light on that. =)
  • Wangie: Thanks for answering me! Akala ko wala ng sasagot sa tanong ko eh. Sorry ha kase hindi talaga ako consistent manood ng X-Files kaya di ko masagot yung tanong na pinost ko. Thanks again!! :)
    Anybody wanna add something else than what Wangie has put forth??
  • purploony
    purploony Moon Elf Necromancer
    (And I mean X-Philes k, not the X-haters. I know there are lots but I'm only looking for the true fans :)

    Anyway, for the X-Philes, hello! I was just interested to see how many of us are still left. New season na: does anyone know when they're gonna show Triangle? Anyway, long live TXF! Thanks for reading :)

    "Not everything dies, Mr. Mulder."
  • Ada
    Ada Administrator
    I love the X-Files. It's the only show I watch these days. I put everything (and everyone! :D) on hold every Monday at 9PM just to watch it.

    I dunno what's gonna happen now that Mulder and Scully have been pulled from investigating the X-Files. I don't want to check out any X-Files site since that would spoil the surprise. Let's just wait and see!
  • actually i'm not sure if i still enjoy the x-files anymore but i wont be complaining i jst want to ask you TRUE x-philers ;) if david duchovny is really leaving the show at ano na ang nangyari sa case niya against fox??
  • flyderman
    flyderman Prendli Neyborhud
    purploony: You mean TRIANGLE wasn't shown yet last Monday??? It's supposed to be the third episode! But THAT'S GREAT!!! My brother was supposed to record the ep but forgot to! That means I get to watch TRIANGLE after all!!! Wow. :)

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  • purploony
    purploony Moon Elf Necromancer
    flyderman: nope! :) brilliant RPN9 just saved you the trouble and re-ran The Beginning. Pareho lang tayo coz I haven't seen Triangle either!!! Can't wait! :)

    Doors: don't know about DD's case eh coz I'm not as avid a Phile as I used to be. However he'll probably stick it out till the show ends, which is this season in the States already (the seventh and final season).
  • i used to be a BIG fan of the show during it's early seasons. somehow, my interest faded a bit esp. since it's on the same timeslot as charmed (S23). eh di ko nga alam na new season na pala, ang tagal ksi ng reruns eh. :( anyways, will this REALLY be the final season? guess, it wld be hard to picture the X-files without DD, huh?! ;)
  • Tnx anyway purploony, maybe ill starting watching the series again...medyo naintriga lang ako how their going to end it ;)
  • flyderman
    flyderman Prendli Neyborhud
    Alright! Mapapanood ko rin ang Triangle! Kaya lang di ko pa rin napapanood ang The Beginning, malas pa rin! :(

    To everyone, magbalik-loob na tayong lahat dahil bago na ang season! Manood na tayo hanggang sa katapusan ng palabas!

    Pero balita ko pinag-uusapan pa rin kung meron pang season 8...
  • Me!!! :)
  • purploony
    purploony Moon Elf Necromancer
    season 8?? oh no! sino na actors nila? la na si DD diba? :(

    i had the weirdest experience today: i met a tita i didn't know i had (she's been in the states for 18 years or so): she's a banker in LA and she walked besides David Duchovny daw on the sidewalk. (besides the fact that she's calista flockhart's banker and she elbowed anthony hopkins in a coffee shop). some people have all the luck :(

    to all old x-files fans: balik na nga! season 6 na!!! :)) ps there's a new xf tape out, ending ng season 6: check it out in ACA video
  • flyderman
    flyderman Prendli Neyborhud
    purploony: Wow lucky tita. :) Ako sana makilala ko si Marita Covarrubias, heheh.

    Onga, nakita ko yung latest XF tape sa video rental, "Biogenesis", the S6 ender tapos 2 season openers ng s7. Sarap hiramin kaya lang yoko ng spoilers!! Dadaan di tayo diyan....

    Meron na din 2 Fathers/ One Son on VHS tape. Yun napanood ko na. Ang galing! Halos i-expose nila yung pinaka plot ng XF mythology.

    Follow-up question: Sino ang paborito niyong writer ng XF? Ako, syempre yung CC/Frank Spotnitz tandem at si Darin Morgan (mga comedy eps) pati si Vince Gilligan.
  • neonique
    neonique space cowboy
    former x-phile here.... used to watch it religiously.. but the series lost its luster during the fourth season.. the plots became too weak and stuff.. and I just grew out of it... but I must say in its heyday.. damn that was good episode! The last one I saw was the vampire one with mulder and scully waking up in their car and a parking lot full of vampires disappearing after a coffin rodeo night ^_^
  • flyderman
    flyderman Prendli Neyborhud
    neonique: I think that episode was Bad Blood, a season 5 episode. You should give TXF a chance, you know. I agree that previous seasons are better than the more recent ones, but I have to tell you there are still a lot of great eps.

    BTW, it got me thinking: are we the same person? Seems like we like every same thing! Seen you in the Toad The Wet thread, the DMB thread, etc. Wow. :)
  • I used to miss "The X-Files" when it was (and still is) on opposite "Charmed", pero I couldn't not watch "Drive" and "Triangle"... whoa....

    As to the ep with Shandling and Leoni ("Hollywood AD"), I can't wait for that... looks interesting...

    Does anyone here have the Entertainment Weekly with DD on the cover? Just asking :)
  • GeePers
    GeePers Registered User
    Despite it slowly slipping away fr thrilling/spooky epis of past to silly/parody eps recently this season - still don't miss an epi - nakakaenganya pa din - my Sun nites not complete w/o X-File. :)

    Tom nite's epi centers on making an X-File movie - directed by DD w/ guests Gary Shandling playing Mulder & DD's wife Tea Leoni as Scully - would not miss that epi 4 d world - look 4ward 2 watching it.


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