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Can I take Ascorbic Acid + Zinc and Vitamin B (B1, B6, B12) Complex together?

Good Day,
I have costochondritis at yung doktor ko ay binigyan ako ng prescription ng Vitamin B Complex. At ako naman ay nag request sakanya ng isa pang vitamins for Immune system at ang nai prescribed nya saakin ay Ascorbic Acid + Zinc.
Dahil concern din ako sa pag inom basta basta ng gamot, nag search ako sa web nalaman ko ng Vitamin C ang Ascorbic acid, at inalam ko dn kung pwede ba ito isabay sa Vitamin B Complex.
Pero madalas sa pag search ko about sa concern ko sinsabi na hindi dapat pag sabayin ang Vitamin C at Vitamin B12 dahil maapektuhan ang pag take ko ng B12. It says that Vitamin C can break down Vitamin B12, Is that true? Should I stop taking Ascorbic Acid? and just take the Vitamin B Complex which personally prescribed by my Doctor?


  • B12 vitamins for growth and avoid doing things that make your torso tense up, things like workouts with the arms and legs even because your rib muscles tense up when you even reach for a jug of milk and lift it, it aggravates the injured rib muscles, think about it. My injury is on my right side rib cage, under the right arm and right side of back so I'm using my left arm to do things and give the right side some rest. Just rest as much as possible and let your body heal. Avoid over eating or eating things that make you gassy for that creates pressure on the injured rib muscles and causes pain. I'm no doc. just talking from experience with it and using some basic common sense of course. GL and get well.
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