How does quarterm work??

I'm an incoming freshman and business administration po yung course na it'take ko. I'm confused, g'graduate po ba ko within three years? 


  • Feli.AnyaFeli.Anya Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Kung wala kang ibabagsak na may requisite niya the next term definitely matatapos mo in three years. Otherwise there's a possibility na ma delay ka for a year unless marami rin kayong bumagsak or willing ka to pay higher than usual tuition fee for that course to take it as a tutorial subject.

    The more people to take the tutorial route, the better para ma-divide yung babayarin for the class. There's a minimum of 16 students per section para maconsider as a regular class I think? If not, madedemolish yung section and you have to sign up for a tutorial class. Another trap there is that once you register for a tutorial class, there's no going back. If one of you drops the class, madedemolish yung section.

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