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US tourist visa consultation

Hi I'm a new member.  Would like to get your opinion if there's a chance that we'll get an approved tourist visa.
I'll give a you short background of our application.

My family (husband-age 39, son-10 and daughter-9) and myself-38 will apply a tourist visa (B2) this year.  We would like to visit my sister and her family in the US during school vacation for maximum of 20 days.  My sister and brother-in-law are both employed. I've been with the current employer for 13 years. However, my husband has no work. He takes care of the children. He is the home maker. We've been to Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia  and I've been to India and Indonesia for business purpose. All expenses (except my husband's and my airfare) will be sponsored by my sister and brother-in-law.

I'm not that confident because of the status of my husband. Sa tingin niyo my chance na maapprove visa namin pati husband ko?

Thank you in advance for the advise.


  • carliks11carliks11 PEx Rookie ⭐
    State mo na ikaw mag babayad sa expenses niyo since ikaw ang may income. Anyway what is your profile?
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  • Hi i would like to hear your opinion regarding my situation .. i am applying tourist visa. Im 34 years old married and have a two kids (13 and 9)im a volunteer nurse one of good hospital hre in phil.but i stopped working a year ago. The problem now is im not employed i dont have car and land. The only thing i have is my bank but not too much money. And also i travel many times but in asia specifically china, hongkong and malaysia. there is A chance granted my visa?  if my husband only have a busness and proof of monthly income but he can able to sponsor me in terms of show money, it is acceptable as a proof on my aplication? What others papers that make proof to the consul that ill coming back
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