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PEx User Rank and Points

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PEx User Points are awarded for positive contributions and subtracted for posting off-topic or abusive comments. Reactions have a numeric value: most Reactions will add 1 point or subtract 1 point to the member’s reputation score.

You can earn points by completing certain forum related activities or receive points via PEx Reactions. Pex Reactions are located below every thread replies. 

Positive Reactions [+1]


Negative Reactions [-1]


NOTE: Moderator point equivalent [+/- 5 points]. If a moderator promotes your post, it will also add 5 points to your profile. 

What is the purpose of the Points? 

PEx points will help you achieve different PEx Ranks. There are 5 automated ranks so far. Moving forward, we may add forum dependent ranks. It will also help you earn new badges. 

What are the 5 PEx ranks?

Each ranks are represented by STARS. It will appear beside the username. Here are the first 5 PEx ranks:

Level I: PEx Rookie
Level II:PEx Veteran
Level III: PEx Influencer
Level IV: PEx Expert
Level V: PEx Guru 

What will happen if I get more negative points?

A comment will be buried if it receives 5 negative Reactions other than Abuse and SPAM.

Where can I see my PEx points?

You can see PEx points in the profile page.

NOTE: Some members will already have points acquired from their previous activity in the old site. 


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