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Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe - How?

how'd THAT happen?


  • Oo nga, how'd that happen? Lugi si Russell. ;)
  • naiinis akooooo!!! hoy meg!!! balikan mo na nga ang asawa mong si dennis quaid ha???!! mas bagay kayo! gwapo din naman yun!!!! lalo na sa parent trap!!!! love.gif
  • i think they shot a movie together earlier this year. can't remember what it's called though. sorry!

    yeah, sayang nga. mas bagay sila ni dennis...
  • imogen: I agree! He was so fine in The Parent Trap! love.gif

    I was so surprised when I first heard about Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's breakup! HOW??? Ang tagal tagal na nila 'no! Yun pala... bleh.gif

    And whatever happened to Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe? :confused:

    By the way, Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan's movie is called Proof of Life.

    [Edited the smiley. It's too graphic. :)]

    [This message has been edited by Yoshi (edited 07-31-2000).]
  • Heard somewhere na ka-affair naman ni Dennis Quaid yung leading lady niya sa Frequency? Is this true? Gantihan na lang sila.
  • The latest I heard is....Russel Crowe dumped Meg Ryan already Russel is a known playboy and he has made a lot of famous female personalities fall under his charm already, which includes Jodie Foster (that answers your qtion,nikolai? :) )And Meg is just one of his recent conquests!

    I shared the same sentiments with a lot of Meg fans coz I'm Meg Ryan fan myself. But who can not say no to a playboy expert? reddevil.gif My only wish is that they can still sort out their marriage and prove to all that theirs is a marriage that can withstand Hollywood. Wishing...wishing... :rolleyes:
  • cathybee: Kung totoo nga yan, bute nga kay Meg. silly.gif
  • kasi! kasi! tigas tigas ng ulo!! ang pogi pogi na ng asawa eh... tsk, tsk.
  • Hey cool! Free na naman si Russell? Pwede bang akin na lang siya? Hehehehe...
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