Upcat 2018 anxiety

ZecheriahZecheriah Member PExer
Will there be higher possibility po ba na maipasa ko ang UPCAT kung ang average ko from Grade 9- Grade 11 ay 93, 95, and 98? Given that grades, andami ko pong hinulaan na items during UPCAT 2018 that's the main reason na hindi ako confident sa UPCAT.
Malaking tulong po ba yung sinasabing .5 na palugit at pabigat sa UPG kung taga province po ako?


  • extranjeroextranjero Member ✭✭
    in retrospect, this is what I could have done to predict my chances:

    a. Look into your HS past performance: What is the passing rate of your school?
    b. Look into your grades IN COMPARISON with other students: Are you getting high grades? Or everyone gets high grade? An average of 98 is good. But if you 90% of your class got 99, then your grade is nothing. Ordinal rank, or more importantly, percentile rank is important. That goes to show how good you are in a group of students.

    All in all, UPCAT and any other entrance exams wants to get the best students from their examinees. You might have done poorly on the exam, but if others did worse, then, that makes you one of the best!
  • ach_chooach_choo Repent you savages! Repent! ✭✭✭
    It's an exam, more than anything else. You did good, you'll pass. Otherwise, no. You should have prepared for it. That makes a big difference. As one UPCAT reviewer maintains: "An average student can pass the UPCAT."

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