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***** donor

Our option to have a child is thru ivf via a ***** donor. But the problem is we dont know where to look for one (a ***** donor and an ivf clinic which performs via 3rd party *****). Please share any experience or advice that may help us in our journey.


  • NilsNils PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Is there an IVF procedure that cannot be done here that makes couples go overseas?
    Technically, none. But the country's IVF ethical guidelines prevent Dr. Novero and his colleagues to perform "third party" cases. If it involves a donor ***** or egg and surrogacy, medical ethics prevents them from doing fertility treatments so for now, only married couples can avail of treatments like IVF.

    Since it cannot be done in the PH at the moment, then choose a country where they allow 3rd party donors and choose a country that has ***** banks if you want an anonymous ***** donor.

    If you choose or cannot do it abroad, then sad to say, your only choices would be adoption or a third party donor but not thru ivf.
  • Thank you nils for the info.
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