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Pexer's from Casa del Nino Montessori & Science High School...anyone

HI...keep on posting if theres any...


  • Originally posted by roadrunner1ph
    HI...keep on posting if theres any...
    Hi lang ulit
  • graduated elem there, '94. :)
  • really...so where did you continue your studies after elem...where did you take your H.S. and college...
  • wow...may taga casa pala dito....

    ako din til 6th grade...batch 94 din! haha!! helow!!

    from wat section ka??? ako from section mercury =)
  • hello! im from batch 99! :)
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wow cute naman kala ko naman ako na nag-iisang casan d2 eh!
    eniweyz batch ko po `97 hmm...high school huh!

    kung meron kayong kilalang mga batch 97(hs) or 93(elem bagaman d ako grad dyan ng elem!) pakisabi lang po sa akin!

    teka sino na ba principal ng hs ngayon dun? and how's casa now?:rolleyes:
  • hello tinycutie! kabatch mo sila bernadette nepomuceno saka sila ate van? hehe la lang..wala na rin ako balita about Casa eh. so san ka pala nagcollege?

    roadrunner1: i think we're from d same school..taga benilde ka din ryt?
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by bLuEyEsbLuE
    hello tinycutie! kabatch mo sila bernadette nepomuceno saka sila ate van? hehe la lang..wala na rin ako balita about Casa eh. so san ka pala nagcollege?

    yup ka-batch ko sila! naging classmates ko during 1st yr.
    sa plm ako nag-aaral at malapit nang grumadweyt! yahoo!
    (sana nga ehehhe..)

    kaw naman anu batch mo at san ka na rin nag-college?
  • transferred to don bosco makati HS, then now i'm incoming 5th yr @ UP-Diliman.

    i forgot my section then, but i remember my adviser. 'twas teacher mags corpuz. toooo bad that she died na. i really wanna thank her for everything that she did during my stay there.
  • emz^^emz^^ PExer
    :D wow..haha batch 94...section mercury..i was under teacher magz also...uhh..classmates ata tayo eh?!?! =)
  • H.S. batch 2001

    bLuEyEsbLuE...you're right im from CSB...your initial are K.N. right and your living at Camella near Aurora...so on...

    musta na kayo mga schoolmates...

    continue posting...
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    galing naman thread na ito!
    sana madami pa...may kakilala kayo jang batch 97???
    san na ba sila ngayon??
  • tinycutie...who was the Corps Commander during your batch...

    just asking...

    what's your section before you graduated..

    keep posting...
  • have you been under from Mr. Benjie Aprecio, Yolly Jakosalem, Olympia "olymp" Companero and Richard Pustasa...comments please

    Msg. Ramon "Monty" Belizario

    la lang...keep posting
  • seems i got 2 former classmates here huh? =)
  • roadrunner: yah im karen. how did u know?

    congrats tinycutie!!!! :):)

    im from batch 99 :) sa dlsu college of st. benilde na ako. il be graduating na din soon =]
  • congrats to all of you who will be graduating soon...

    bLuEyEsbLuE...its me...basahin mo sa private message...

    s_abella...la lang good luck...if i'm not mistaken your taking up Engineering, right...or what

    keep on postin' Casan peeps...
  • napadaan lang...gOoD nIgHt

    keep on posting...
  • emz^^emz^^ PExer
    scott a!
  • hoy!

    yea, i'm taking up Eng'g...
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