Angelene Aguilar or Heart Evangelista?

JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Actually I like/love them both. They're both pretty and nice. Their aura... ohh yeah. They're both talented.

Ang lakas ng dating nila sa akin. But if I were to choose one, I'll go for Angelene Aguilar. She's a good actress. I've watched her sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.


  • tilapiatilapia Member PExer
    Ako, heart ako!!!! Ayoko lang talaga si Angelene... palengkera magsalita, walang breeding! Si heart ang galing... may sense siyang tao... she speaks her mind... and she's very eloquent.
  • damnrightdamnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ PExer
    whose angelene aguilar?:confused:
    anyways ok lang naman si heart evangelista.:D
  • Bea_Bea_ Member PExer
    for me, Angelene's face is prettier, pero c Heart and mas may appeal and me confidence.

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