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Therapeutic Movies

Just wondering. I heard of this new technique in psychological therapy called Movie Therapy. It seems that a lot of movies can actually help people deal with personal problems.

What movies helped you through a hard issue/problem?

For me, I think these movies helped me a lot:

1. The Joy Luck Club - specifically the story of the lady whose mother committed suicide because she doesn't know what her worth is... crying.gif

2. Jerry Maguire - helped me believe in love again after a terrible heartbreak.

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  • The Shawshank Redemption: whenever things seem to be a bit hopeless and one feels trapped... this is the film!

    Jerry Maguire: shows you what's really important... you know- integrity, success and someone to share your life with...

    Dumb and Dumber: depressed? go watch this and you'll realize that there is a possibilty that there are bigger losers out there... and you'd laff a whole lot too!

    dami pa siguro...
  • gjengjen PExer
    Pretty Woman. Kasi masyadong Fairy Tale ang dating. sarap ng feeling pagkatapos manood. iisipin mo mangyayari kaya yun in real life?
  • This topic is quite interesting.

    "La Traviata"- this movie version I saw of the opera was incredible. About love, true love, and sacrifices...

    "Mulan"- ok folks, I'm a serious Disney fan and I love this movie to death! The father-daughter relationship is something I can relate to... I think this has the best father-to-daughter line, "The greatest honor is having you for a daughter." awww....

    That's all I can think of for now.
  • Heart and Souls love.gif

  • GIRL, INTERRUPTED - on how there are instances in our lives that would make us seem crazy and down in the dumps but then and almost giving up. But it would go on to show that one just shouldn't give up and that everyone gets to be crazy at some point anyway.

    SIMON BIRCH - on life, the pains, the losses, the gains, the love, and your memories.

    JERRY MAGUIRE - made me realize how my successes and failures equal just the same nonetheless, I still love my life.

    WITH HONORS - that there is so much more to life than just your own successes. Other people's dreams also matters.

    DEAD POETS SOCIETY - the magic on how someone can just touch our lives in ways we never expected them to do so.

    I really love family dramas like ONE TRUE THING, STEPMOM, MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, FATHER OF THE BRIDE 1 and 2, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, THE EVENING STAR, and so much more because it reminds you on how important and dear your own family is to you. And makes you bear on mind on how much they love you and you love them.

  • Where the Heart is...

    Wedding Singer...
  • Most recent one I can think of, THE KID. :):):)
  • When I'm down, I rent VCDs and watch movies. Then, I dunno why, I just feel better.

  • i'm a crybaby... i cry easily kahit sa pinaka-corny na theme... basta nakaka-relate ako... heck, everyone needs a good cry, it's refreshing! here are the movies i find therapeutic...

    WHAT DREAMS MAY COME - my idea of love... true love that is one that transpires beyond the physical, beyond faith... beyond what is... love as it is supposed to be, regardless all else... babalik at babalik ka para magmahal ulit...

    RUNAWAY BRIDE - to know oneself well is to know love, and find it... yes, yes, maganda yung proposal line pero, what caught my attention was how "lost" people tend to be when they are in-love or in the desperate need to be in love or loved by someone...

    PATCH ADAMS - a better quality of life... may isa pang movie ako napanood it also had the same theme, hindi nga lang siya sing-sikat... "... it's not how long you lived, it's how you lived..." it's nice to realize na in the end, wala kang pagsisisihan, at paghihinayangan sa buhay...

    ... i also have some really funny movies, everybody needs a good laugh also... i guess, depende sa mood na gusto kong i-project... it's a matter of extremes... :p
  • Here are some of my therapeutic movies:

    With Honors
    Hanging Up
    Anywhere But Here

    Yan pa lang naiisip ko at the moment eh.

  • Fight Club ---> the movie that helped find the "real me" and shape the purpose of my existence in this world "pacified by an empty consumer culture." I was accustomed to watching this film whenever I feel lost and depressed.

    I am near at hitting the bottom.
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