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Dissertations on so-called Small Talk Dorks

Hello Pexers, I come to you in peace as a guy who calls himself The Mouthpiece. I am the official spokesman of a secret organization of Pexers dedicated to wiping out, and eventually converting a select breed of Pexer whom we have deemed to be extremely dangerous......to theirselves and to others.

These are what we call, Small Talk Dorks.

Ano ulit? Small Talk Dorks? Oo, Small Talk Dorks nga ang sinabi ko, BINGI! Don't get us wrong, not everyone on Small Talk is a dork. And Small Talk Dorks do not have to be regulars on this particular forum to qualify. We are talking about certain people who take PEX way too seriously for their own good, to the point that they live, breathe, and die PEX as if it was their world, and not the real outside world around us.

Now there has been one particular dork that we've had in mind for this particular introductory post. This particular dork, we need not tell you his name, but he studies in a prestigious University in Manila. Throughout his PEX lifetime, he has hidden behind at least four nicks, all claiming that they are his unique personalities and different sides. Yeah right, who do you think you are, Mick Foley? Anyway, this dork has currently been very controversial for his unorthodox way of Pexing, such that he has been lampooned in several Small Talk threads, deservedly so. He has irritated normal, average, unobjectional Pexers and Moderators alike with these antics, and we feel it's about time he shapes up before PEX ships him out.

Need we elaborate more? Well, his most famous nick starts with a K, his real first name resembles that of a famous Children's Story character. He reportedly resembles a certain Jolog Entertainer most popular for an equally Jolog Hit where he compares love to a hard form of substance, or a hard form of music, depending on how you look at it.

Shape up, man, we at our Secret Organization practically beg you too. It's for your own good, pare.

More dorks shall be profiled on this thread before long.

Speaking in behalf of our leader, I'm The Mouthpiece.


  • i can name that tune in one note :D
  • Ah talaga? Eh di handa na ba kayo para sa second example?

    Ah wag na lang muna. Kailangang naka-suspense mode muna kayo. How bout tomorrow?
  • ako po ay isang rebulbulusyunaryo
    maaring rin akong maituring na isa sa mga dork ng small talk


  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Can I buy a vowel?

  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
  • Pandesaldemonayon - Welengjeyeh nemen, tsong, ano ba ang gusto mong patunayan, ha?

    reybalde - Sabi mo eh! Di naman ikaw yung ibubulgar ko sa Part 2 ng aking "Dissertations", pero since sabi mo dork ka rin, eh di dork ka, problema ba yon?
  • To The Mouthpiece:

    By creating this thread, you making it seem that you yourself are taking PEx too seriously for your own good. Apektado ka eh. So you're a dork as well?

    Shape up, boy. It's for your own good. It's just an online board.

  • come to think of it, he DOES sound affected... :p

  • M. Back!

    Stay tuned, I'm posting something very important. Be back with this thread in a jiffy.
  • M. Back, Pexers! As Staind would say, It's Been A While. Such is life during the Summer Vacation, net cards are hard to come by now that the allowance has stopped flowing.

    Boy, aren't we a little behind in the presentation and dissertations on the other Small Talk Dorks. I might as well give you a quick rundown of some of the more prominent Small Talk Dorks in the Wanted List.

    One certain Small Talk Dork is actually more of a Pukebox, and will be very well known because of a copycat thread he created in my "honor." Accusing me of being an Alternick, he posted, in classical Baroque English, a kilometric post not even Webster can comprehend. Like Mr. F from my Late, Lamented, Pukebox Dissertation, he is well known as someone who loves stuffing opinions down people's throats. Formerly Mr. S with three words, he now goes by Mr. P with one long, unpronouncable word. He was previously in the middle of the list, but he's moved up a few notches thanks to his Kilometric Thread. He shares the same first name as a certain elder brother of one of our country's Jolog Actresses.

    The next Small Talk Dork is a debut to the list, rather surprising one. Actually I hardly know about the guy's PEX past, but I asked our Leader about him, and he used to be known by the same initials as the Quezon City Mayor. The stigma of the incident he got into with our Leader sort of put him in a bad light, but he successfully recovered, and slowly morphed into the Mr. L we know him as today. Though I commend him for not being shy anymore bout being in a long-running fraternity, I have to say he's not promoting our frat in the right way. Use your power to defend your school and your brods, not to wage a silly online war! Due to Mr. L's tough nature in the past, he doesn't really rank too high in the list. Do you watch Click? He shares the same name as one of its new characters.

    Now lemme tell you 'bout a guy with a boner. He's got a thing for a certain Pop Princess who's coming to the Philippines next week. So does the aforementioned Mr. L, but this guy's really obsessed with the Pop Princess. But that is neither here nor there, because his main weakness is a certain Overly Nice Guy attitude which he couples with excessive one-liner posting in Small Talk's more prominent threads. His initials, if I may add, are actually one word, but you can phonetically translate it to Bumibili Ng Kahoy. He shares the same first name as the following people, a hyperactive reporter of ABS-CBN, one of the PBA's flashiest offguards with a strange hairdo and jersey number, the lead star of a certain Simian Movie, and several other guys whose parents turned to the Second Gospel of the New Testament. Damn, I'm too obvious. He also isn't too high in the list, since his antics aren't much to b1tch about in comparison to Messrs. K, F, and P. Brother, tama na, kung gusto mo ng piss-full, punta ka na lang sa Rebelde.

    Watch out for the next Installment, as we start focusing on the Distaff Side. We've featured Small Talk Dorks so far, it's time to bring out the Small Talk Dorkettes!

    Hoping to welcome another member to our growing family. The Mouthpiece is on the recruiting trail, and he wants average, workaday Pexers like YOU to join us and make PEX a better place to hang out in.
  • Lesson Number One:

    "If you belong to a secret organization, NEVER mention that you belong to a secret organization."

  • There's one dork that goes around different thread just to flame people. Then here at small talk s/he started a stupid thread entitled "Dissertations on so-called Small Talk Dorks" so s/he could cover up his/her insecurities. This dork is indeed a one helluva loser trying to catch some attention.

    And now, to start with Dorkettes. There is this very lame dorkettes who love meddling with things that won't affect her at all. She will come close to some other pexer who doesn't even know she exists, and then she rant all her bias and stupidity claiming that this pexer is like this and that. She also has the tendency to react violently and resort to personal attack when some people criticize this certain gay moderator conveniently disguised as some stupid @sshole that speaks using third person noun instead of first person pronoun when referring to hisself.
  • Dolly_The_Shite - What is the sense behind your post, ha? Are you trying to make a blind item on me, ha? Nang-aano ka eh! Stop it! You are obviously a Trolling Alternick who doesn't understand the sensitive issues that affect us as Pexers.

    And I'm sure you've got a beef with Rachel as well. Geezus Christ, if you really got a beef with her, Tell it to her! Don't come posting on my thread complaining about somebody who isn't even an official member of my organization!

    Ecstatica - Who died and made you authority of what my organization's about and not about?
  • Enough! Enough! Enough!

    [Tama na! Tama na!]

    I can't take it! Para kayong mga pusa na tinapakan ang buntot.

    [Nag-iingay ka e!]

    Nag-iingay kayo! Alam niyo para kayong mga kama. May double-decker, may single-bed, at may kutson lang. Pero isa sa inyo.....PAPAG!

    [Hi loverboy!]

    Hello! Sino sa inyo ang nangangamatis ang puwitan dahil sa kagat ng hantik? Sino sa inyo ang may bakat ng sangkatutak na linya sa likod?

    It's time for you to vote off kung sino ang Sing-Alisssss......!
  • Mouthpiece - Who died and gave you authority to judge and slap unpleasant labels on people who have nothing to do with you? Are you God? No? Thought so. Then shut your mouthpiece up.

  • And there's one dork who lacks attention from his mommy, daddy, and his peers so he makes up a stupid thread about the so-called small talk dorks.
  • J3ffKJ3ffK PExer

    thank yuo for teh vary constructive critisism SIR, but I couldant help but noticed yuo haev slight speling erors in yuor post. FOR EXAMPLE, yuo spelled yuor name wrong, here's how its suposed too be spelled: "SH1TFACE CHUCKWAGON". yuo can copy and paste that to yuor vary high quality Mircrosoft notepad program if you want, smarty man. EVAR here teh saying "dont throw stones if yuo buy a glass house?!?" YOU OWN THIS HOUSE I MENTIONED SIR, AND YUOR THROWING STONES THAT ARE LAREGER THAN THE VARY LARGE BOULDARS PAUL STEEVE BENCHPRESSES EVARY MORNEING. if paul steeve faught jason Hall, yuo know who would win? NOBODY becuase violence si not teh answar!!!!

  • Originally posted by The_Mouthpiece Are you trying to make a blind item on me, ha? Nang-aano ka eh! Stop it! You are obviously a Trolling Alternick who doesn't understand the sensitive issues that affect us as Pexers.

    |_ 0 0 |< _____ \/\/ |-| O ' 5 _____ T @ |_ |< ! |\| G !!!

    [/QUOTE]And I'm sure you've got a beef with Rachel as well. Geezus Christ, if you really got a beef with her, Tell it to her! Don't come posting on my thread complaining about somebody who isn't even an official member of my organization![/QUOTE]

    \/\/ |-| O _____ D _____|-| 3 |_ |_ _____! S _____R @ ( |-| e |_ ?
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