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Relationship FAQ's


Don't be a bi-tch. When you meet girls, joke with them and flirt. Demonstrate that you're a man, genuinely find her attractive and be straightforward with it, and don't play the male/female friend bullsht (unless thats what you're going for).

Important. Wag ka mag commit sa isang tao unlessthey say YES. Commiting to someone who has not said yes to you is like doing shifts for a company that has not hired you.

First Date

Some women still cling to the tradition that the man should pay, most nowadays do not. If you don't want to pay, ask her to go to something cheap and go dutch. Phrasing is key.
Great first date ideas: coffee, walks, hikes, waterfronts, activities like bowling rock climbing swimming, etc. Stay active.
Bad date idea: movie, expensive dinner


Some girls ay nang-iindian. Some are genuiely busy, some are playing hard to get, some are not interested, some may have been interested but found something more interesting.
A number isn't a guarantee you're getting anywhere. It's a precursor to bigger/better things.
Kung na-indian ka., decide which of the categories above she fits into, and next or proceed based on your judgement.


Is an open relationship for you?
If yes - who gives a fuk what each party does as long as they abide by whatever ground rules.
If no - don't put up with sketchy behavior. If a girl/boy disrespects you and the relationship, thats a HUGE red flag, and you walk.
Do not ever take back a cheater!!! That's the dumbest thing anyone can do. You're basically handing them a "cheat on me again" pass


Thread I made earlier: https://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=918542


Quit beating yourself up.
Its not that bad once you get your *** out there and make moves.
Naindian? Nabasted? Nareject? Move on and dont look back
Grab your balls and say anything. Always. Everywhere.
Learn, readjust, adapt.
Quit making sht so serious and have fun with it.


  • Ang wastong pamagat nito ay "Misogynists guide to relationships".

    Ang wastong pamagat nito ay "Misogynists guide to relationships".


    Care to point it out?
  • tidgetidge PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Grab your balls and say anything. Always. Everywhere.

    at syempre wag ding kalimutang mag kamot ng itlog :lol:

    prospect gf: nag b-beehouse ka?
    me: oo
    prospect gf: nag t-table ka?
    me: oo
    prospect gf: anong ginagawa mo sa katable mo?
    me: grabbing their boobs while drinking
    prospect gf: what? ang bastos mo!!!
    me: mahal ang ladies drink! dapat sinusulit :lol:
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