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It seems that the solution is simple, not doing it. Even your family will have told you sometime "if you know you need to lose weight, stop chopping". You also have it clear, the theory you know it but putting it into practice is very complicated. In this sense it is important to take care of sleep sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day, practice sports, applies relaxation techniques such as yoga and leads a life as orderly as possible with regular schedules and planned meals. Then I have prepared an example diet that you can use as a reference. I have not put specific amounts of food because depending on your height, your current weight and your physical activity, these may vary. I have also included a space on the right where to write down the shopping list. You can print this image and paste it in your fridge to serve as a guide. Remember that the ways of cooking are very important and try not to use more than two tablespoons of oil in each meal if you are a person over 40 and sedentary. Breakfasts and dinners to lose weight Breakfasts and dinners are the two most difficult meals of the day. The first because we usually have little time and the food industry has created many products very fast to consume, tasty but of a very low nutritional quality. Throughout our lives, advertising in this industry has told us how we have to eat breakfast and we have to unlearn many years of misinformation. That is why we have prepared an article with many breakfasts for a weight loss diet.
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