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What's your favorite LOCAL FILM?

Name it and tell us why. :)


  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    Aga Muhlach's and Lea Salonga's "Sana Maulit Muli"...i watched it na for so many times pero umiiyak pa rin ako...

    Sharon Cuneta and Christopher de Leon's "Madrasta"....Christopher is the best Filipino actor talaga! and the script was well written!
  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    i'd have to say 'Madrasta' and 'Bata Bata.' It gave us a whole new look on our moms, sisters, and female friends. Also, their characters broke convention by their expression of their innermost sentiments, which in turn are the highlights of both movies.

    'Bagets' - walang tatalo sa movie na to. it paved the way for other teen flicks to pour in.
  • StJamesStJames pong! PExer
    1. Batch 81 - Mark Gil, Jimmy Javier, Dang Cecilio
    2. Kadete - Jay Ilagan, Ronald Courveau, Rez Cortez
    3. Bagets 1 - William, Aga, Herbert, JC, Raymond
    4. Hindi Kita Malilimutan - Aga, Carmina, Jomari
    5. Private Show - Jaclyn Jose
    6. Ako and Huhusga (seen this 3x sa sinehan)- FPJ, Eddie Garcia
    7. Jaguar - Philip '10 inches of happiness' Salvador
    8. Alapaap - William Martinez, Mark Gil, Michael De Mesa
    9. May Minamahal - Aga and Aiko
    10. Pare Ko - yeah them

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  • oranoorano Member PExer
    "May Minamahal" (Aga, Aiko, Agot) - sobrang natural ng lines! para kang nanood ng drama sa kapitbahay, LOL!

    The movie of Raymart Santiago wherein he plays as an Ifugao who became a doctor and the city and then in the end went back to his tribe... forgot the title eh! M - something!

    "Bata-bata...", okay ang story, okay ang cast.

    "Sana maulit muli", although i haven't watched the movie nang buo (laging putol-putol lang), okay siya!

    and "Bagets" - i don't know i never get tired watching this film again and again on Viva Cinema, he! he! he!
  • pathfinderpathfinder Member PExer
    patronize our own ba, rach?

    sa local films, 'di ko malimutan 'yung Ipagpatawad Mo (Ate Vi and Christopher).
    gusto ko rin Sana Maulit Muli kaya lang di
    ako satisfied sa acting ni Lea.
    di ko pa rin siguro pagpapalit Sampaguita
    and LVN black and white films. :)

  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    Orano-Raymart Santiago's movie was Mumbaki...yeah that was a good one!
  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    oo nga pala...Hihintayin Kita sa Langit and Saan Ka Man Naroroon (hindi yung claudine soap opera, ha!)
  • RachRach me PExer
    forgot to post mine...

    1. Shake, Rattle & Roll I
    2. Sa Init ng Apoy
    3. Tagos ng Dugo
    4. Oro, Plata, Mata
    5. Brutal
    6. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang
    7. Rubia Servios
    8. Jaguar
    9. Wating
    10. Broken Marriage
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    as far as those movies i have watched are concerned, this would have to b in my list
    1. Bayaning Third World
    2. Madrasta
    3. Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara
    4. Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya
    5. Pare Ko
    6. Relasyon
    7. Bagets, Working Girls, Radio Romance, Ninja Kids hindi sila ganoong kaquality pero sobrang entertaining
  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    Bagets for being a true classic.

    Virgin Forest class struggle in a historical setting, may erotica pa!
  • GS2000GS2000 Member PExer
    Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa was really good
  • maxwellmaxwell Member PExer
    bagets - a teen classic
    madrasta - good cast and script
    ligaya and itawag mo sa akin
    sana maulit muli
  • WangieWangie Member PExer
    Oro Plata was good.
    Bata Bata rin.
  • did you see "Ligaya ang Itawag mo Sa Akin?"
    it actually was done very tastefully and had a real story that made you think.. still waiting to get a copy of "Ang mga Lalake sa Buhay ni Selya" which is supposed to be good too. Osang was great in Ligaya, I hear Selya was very impressive too.
    "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara" with LT was very good for a Pinoy Flick in my book. I was genuinely scared!
    I also liked the local Wuthering Heights - "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" although it was an obvious adaptation...
    "Mumbaki" also had some good points...
    I'm not a big local movie fan but I will say that we do have some very talents artists...directors and scriptwriters. If we can only get away from these mindless films that only dull the brains of the masses.... and these super baduy flicks... dont even get me started on the soft ***** stuff...!!!
  • oranoorano Member PExer
    peps: May Minamahal is a movie with Aiko Melendez as the lead actress.
  • TommYGirLTommYGirL Member PExer
    i gues it would be sana maulit muli, madrasta, may minamahal, dahil naroon ka, and the mikee and aga movie
    post some sone coz i forgot the title na e

  • MsEerieMsEerie Nothing PExer
    Broken Marriage
    Shake, Rattle and Roll 1
    Bagets 1
    Manila By Night
  • KeyserSozeKeyserSoze Member PExer
    VERTIGO...san mo napanood yung Bayani ng Third World? Di pa palabas yun di ba?
    1. Eskapo-Richard Gomez and Christoper de Leon
    2. Hindi kita malilimutan-Aga, Jomari, Carmina......naiyak talaga ako dun! hindi happy ending!?
    3. Any movie ni Rene Requiestas! Wala akong masabi. Talagang nakakatawa sya eh.
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kaysersoze: i saw it sa special advance screening sa megamall
  • RachRach me PExer
    I think BULAKLAK NG MAYNILA deserve a recognition. In spite of the very simple script and storyline, it was very well directed, edited and the actors were all good.

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