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Whatcha think about Michelle Bayle?

She's really pretty for me I like her coz she's a great dancer and her character in Attagirl is so cute!!! SHe's like dis palingkera and medyo malandi but she still manage to look wholesome. Bout ya guyz what do you think?


  • eetz_meeh
    eetz_meeh ak? 't?h",2,"ef1455f92306e78a3828848f3d59ccf9RRC
    Sexy sya!!!!!!

    I consider her magaling as a starter!!!!!!!


  • jopert
    jopert Don't work hard, Work smart
    redundant thread! you're gonna get closed!:glee:
  • damnright
    damnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫
    ok naman sya. she's good in acting considering she just a newbie in the acting industry. and she dances good too.:D
  • post some pics na lang!!!
  • corrikskie
    corrikskie mandymoore
    she looks fine to me... i like her..
    she's a former cheerdancer pala! *pinkcheer*
  • mmmmm, pag nakikita ko si Michelle Bayle tumutulo ang laway ko! Ang sarap siguring halikan yung lips niya! :D
  • dRuMzZz
    dRuMzZz Registered User
    voluptuous! major hottie!!! :D
  • NYUKid
    NYUKid ...happy
    I think she's hot. Great dancer, good actor, sexy but doesn't look cheap, malaswa, or dirty unlike other sexy actresses. You go girl. Whenever she smiles, she looks so pleasant :)
  • mars11
    mars11 引きこもり
    I love her! may depth ang acting. great dancer. marunong ding kumanta! sexy and very lovely! complete package!
  • buti na lang di siya nagbold. At least ang stepping stone niya ay dancing and comedy. Kaya lang naalis na ung Attagirl, nagrarate naman raw.
  • master_deej
    master_deej RetroDeej!!!
    umm... if you guys only knew what she's really like...
  • mac326
    mac326 eating ice for lunch
    Originally posted by master_deej
    umm... if you guys only knew what she's really like...

    i've been hearing things bout her...
  • andre14
    andre14 Your Tennis Buddy
    i luv her curves...nakak-turn on.;) she has strong sex appeal.
  • I really used to hate her pero ok naman pala siya.She has this certain cute sexy girl thing going on.
  • She's ok naman.
  • The first time I laid my eyes on her in MTB, I immediately felt that she would go places if given the right breaks. She did at malayo pa ang mararating niya.

    She's simply great for a beginner.
  • all around dancer, singer, cheerer, actress!!!
    kung may pics kayo post niyo dito/...
  • I don't want to be harsh kaso may pagkamataba siya.
  • FendeR_21
    FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
    Hmmm... just wanna ask, what bad things have you heard from her?? Well shes ok, only her tummy is not reli perfect, i dont like coz medyu may kaunti bilbil heheh PEACE
  • *bump!*
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