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HELP: DLSU Request for Change of Course

Hi! DCAT results just got released and I got into my first choice course (civil engineering), but I don't really know how to feel about it :rotflmao: I just wanted to ask if the chances of changing my course from civil engineering to applied economics high? :) I do know that DLSU accepts requests for change course based on the applicant's qualifications and availability of slots in the desired course. With this, are there a lot of people who usually enroll in applied econ? And does passing my first choice (civil engineering) have any effect or whatsoever in boosting my chances of switching into applied econ? :rotflmao: Thank you! :)


  • Hi! Have you requested for a change of course already? I'm planning to change my course too before confirming my slot on the degree that was offered to me.. But I don't know how.
  • Hello! Just got accepted at DLSU Freshman second term 2 for January. I was accepted for AB Development Studies but I was for BS Business Interdiciplinarly studies. How did you change course then? Can you assist and give details? Is there a way to change this?
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