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French Movies for Sale

Sealed DVDs for sale:

Dreamlife of Angels
Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train
City of Lost Children

Richard III (starring Ian McKellen)

Please email me if interested. Thanks!


  • Sayang. I don't have a DVD. May VHS copy ka ba ng City of Lost Children?

    May La Femme Nikita ka rin ba?

    How much per DVD?
  • yep.

    wala bang vhs??
  • Price per Region 1 DVD is Php850

    As for VHS copies, it's not possible to transfer DVDs to VHS due to copy protection signals (it's also considered illegal to do so!). But I do have an older print of City of Lost Children on VHS, which I bought before buying the DVD version. Email me if you're interested in purchasing it (I'd rather sell it than rent it, less complicated that way!) :)
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