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Mobile App for All Caring Mommies!!

Hi Caring Moms!

My wife always complain about thinking everyday meals - from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

Nakaka stress daw mag-isip... Magugulay ba siya o hindi... magchi-chiken? Beef? Pork? Mixed?

Magugustuhan ba siya ng mga bata? pagdating ko galing work maeenjoy ko daw ba ihahain niya?


I love my wife and ayoko siya nahihirapan o na-i-stress, kaya naman as an IT grad - I'm thinking to create a mobile app to help my wife and other maasikasong mommies to have an easy everyday, weekly or monthly meal plan.

Here is my idea.

An android app that have many options or filter like:

1) No of Heads = * 2 heads * 3 heads * 4 heads
2) You can choose if = * pork * vegetables * beef * fish * chicken
3) Time of Cooking = * 3 minutes * 4 minutes * 5 minutes
4) Time of the day = * for breakfast * for lunch * for dinner

All of your choices can be included on your Calendar Schedule
* daily * weekly * monthly

Then after choosing and setting your desired meals sa calendar, all you have to do is check and review it everyday. No more everyday thinking, no more stress, no more matinding pag-iisip.

Because of the calendar - mas maise-set niyo na ring mga mommies ang paggrocery, right?

So mga Mommies, I also need your help to give feedback about my idea. Any comments? Ano po masasabi ninyo? DO you think this is GREAT? I also want to hear your own stories. For sure, my wife is not the only Mommy who is experiencing this. :)
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