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Is America declining?Signficance to Pinoys.

jeganrrjeganrr Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
There people who says that America is in decline.For example.In terms of median wealth per adult.U.S. Is rank 27th out of 27th high-income countries.Spain,Cyprus and Qatar all have higher median wealth (per capita) than America's(about 39,000).So does much of Europe and the industrialized world.But there are also those who disagree for example in 1900,the American GNP represented 25% of the worlds GNP of the worlds GNP,in 1935 America represented 24% of GNP,in 1965,1970.1980,1990,2000 American repented 23% of the worlds'GNP and today-2015 America represents 24% of the world's GNP.Pero etong information na nabasa this was in 2015,may konting pagbabago na rin siguro.Pero what is your opinion,is America declining?Gaano kalaki ang significance neto sa mga Pinoys?Diba naging malaki ang influence ng America sa mga Pinoys?

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