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whattamen or hunks..

sherlocksherlock Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Anong mas gusto niyong boy group ng abs-cbn, Hunks or Whattamen? asap's HUNKS are composed of carlos agassi, piolo pascual, diether ocampo, jericho rosales, and bernard palanca while WHATTAMEN consists of rico yan, dominic ochoa and marvin agustin.
Kung ako yung tatanungin mas gusto ko ang WHATTAMEN kc natutuwa ako sa kanilang tatlo eh. tsaka kahit hindi sila magaling kumanta eh okay naman silang host ng mtb. hindi katulad ng HUNKS na puro trying hard sa pagkanta. tapos ang yayabang pa nila pag kumakanta feeling nila ang galing galing nila. ang okay lang naman sa kanila eh si piolo eh. tsaka bakit ba tuwing kumakanta sila eh palagi nilang pinapakita yung katawan nila.


  • chinita_babechinita_babe Member PExer
    my vote goes to the hunks. i like them all, diether, piolo, jericho, bernard (in that order) except for carlos agassi. hindi ko talaga sya feel.

    i've seen both group in their performance during the celebration of talent center's anniversary.

    the hunks group is truly a hunk....papa material talaga.

    talking about the what-a-men na group.sorry pero nababaduyan talaga ako sa kanila, lalo na ke marvin.

  • Ophelia_KillsOphelia_Kills Moderator PExer
    Bernard Palanca anytime baby!
  • onemig143onemig143 ex ni dolly ann PExer
    walang sinabi sila piolo noy bernard nyo at jericho at diether. AKO LANG ANG SISIKAT SA KANILA*pacute*
  • RCFRIENDSRCFRIENDS iyachoy_fms_iyanatics PExer
    whattamen pa rin ako..kahit wala na si rico..
  • nakuponakupo Member PExer
    Hello RC post din ako sa thread mo ha...

    Id go for The Hunks.. with d exclusion of Bernard Palanca...
  • MarienellaMarienella 미친소녀 PExer

    None of them is considered as bading.
  • KandyKane1616KandyKane1616 sinfully delicious PExer
  • HeartillyHeartilly Member PExer
    I prefer the Whattamen. No offense, but I can't stand those Hunks. Since these groups were formed, I always like the trio of Whattamen. They're so amusing and admirable!

    Whattamen: Marvin, Dominic and RICO... da BEST YAN!!!
  • nakuponakupo Member PExer
    I love Rico Yan in Whattamen .........but d other two guys (Marvin and Dominic) plssss, theyre so baduy.......

    I prefer The Hunks becoz the majority of them hv potentials 2 make it big as leading actors in d movie industry esp. Diether, Piolo and Jericho...whilst Carlos Agassi naman i think nde nia pa nakikita ang "place" nia but eventually he will gain respect also coz i feel that he is a determined person....Bernard Palanca? pag mukhang mabango na siya...
  • eweyskieweyski converted PExer
    Originally posted by Marienella

    None of them is considered as bading.


    ano si marvin??

    girl?? hehehehe:D
  • gotmilkgotmilk Member PExer
    how bout both?.. i LOVE THE HUNKS!! and i like WHATTAMEN! i find them funny..while in the other HUNKS...WOW TALAGA!!
  • twisted1982twisted1982 •½ WOMAN. ½ MAN.™• PExer
    Although I am totally unimpressed with both groups talents, I'd choose The Hunks. Kasi mas "masarap" sila panoorin.

    I lack depth so what?

  • tilapiatilapia Member PExer

    Masmay class sila. Baduy ang hunks eh, si carlos kse eh... naepal pa
  • chu_chubchu_chub Member PExer
    definitely whattamen..but it sucks coz rico's gone now..they were so laid back and funny and cool...
    on the other hand, the hunks are so gay and "baduy"--- they look mayabang and feeling sexy sila..when in fact theyr all dumb
  • c_lo2004c_lo2004 Member PExer
    mas pick ko ang whattamen dahil sila yung parang mas type ko...comedians sila and they are also mimiss ko talaga si rico...well for hunks i just think of theam as piece of meat pero whattamen i treat them with respect and parang hanganghanga ako...
  • vidavida Member PExer
    Id go for The Hunks. Most of them are Leading Man potentials while the Whattemen are just for supporting roles only.
  • PaddLePoPPaddLePoP steady PExer
    whattamen! sbrang ka-miss nga c rico yan.. pero ok naman c dominic and marvin... they're really funny. esp. sa mtb. ang ute ni dominic! :D
  • deng2001deng2001 Member PExer
    definitely whattamen! sad to say wala na si rico...
  • mcflirtiemcflirtie Member PExer
    rather choose whattamen than hunks!! at least cla, hindi feeling katulad ng hunks!:p

    kakainis nga, kc nacrushan ko c corriks nung nawala sya.. imagine that!!! :bawling:
  • catchmeimfallincatchmeimfallin preppy gurl PExer
    Whattamen naman noh...

    di ko lang feel ang The Hunks... pra bang everytime they go onstage... di maalis na ang need to take off their shirts. not for kinds i must say... pambabae lang talaga...

    while whattamen....everybody can relate to them. very flexible...and full of humor. carry nila ang mga sarili nila :)

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