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I found a website that give me tips to design a website

First of all I don't have any experiences of making or designing a website but when, I accidentally open their website www.Webhostbiz.ph Its really helpful for begginers like me they have articles to make or designing a website and also they offer Web hosting, Web Development, VPS Hosting and a lot with affordable prices kindly check their website guys for more info about them.

Tips on Designing your very first website:

-Designing your very first website is may be confusing and sometimes frustrating, especially for those who do not have any background in designing and developing a website. Sometimes you have so many Ideas on how you want your website to look but all these thoughts are so disorganized that you do not where to start.

The good news is, you still have hope on how you could get starting. Let this guidelines get you going and enable to build your own website:
*Make it Simple
*Content is King
*Maximize Images
*Color Scheme
*Font styles

This is the tips that Web Host Biz posted check it out guys! I promise to all of you that this website is really helpful to beginners like me that want to start E-commerce in our country.

For more info kindly visit this pages:

or contact them!
+63 9480719889
+63 (02) 2459142

Email address:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank you I hope you like it :)
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