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Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place

comments about the show please...


  • i love that blond curly-haired guy, so laid-back, so funny, so cute!

    and the other guy, well, he's an architect, what more can i say, the field of architecture is the greatest in the planet!
  • runerune PExer
    I like the girl...watch her even in Boston Common
  • it's a cool show... it's very funny lol.gif ... and the guys are cute too. :)

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    a lot of people don't notice this show, pero it's really really funny....
  • terjeterje PExer
    the show is hilarious. like the two guys, not so sure about that girl though.
  • The show is witty and hilarious. Try and watch it every week.

    I think I missed an episode though. After the girl gets proposed to and storms out of the Pizza Place, she looks at Pete and its to be continued... aaargh.

    Can anybody fill me in? or did RPN "forget" to show the follow up again?

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • getsgets PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    they dropped the "and a pizza place" in their title last season.
  • I think the girl is beautiful.

    I remember her in Boston Common. Joy, right?

    Did they really drop the "& A Pizza Place?"

    Well, now it sounds stupid.


  • I've only watched an episode of theirs. I thought it felt like Boston Common. Now I know why. Asus!
  • yup, they dropped the "and a pizza place" last season. according to them, it was too long or something like that.. :)
    i like berg and i think his thingie for ashley is cute ;)
  • Really? They dropped "and a pizza place"? It sounds more stupid now. I like Pete too...he's cute...
    Have you guys seen "A Taste Of Love"? It is a movie shown in Cinemax this month...the girl (Traylor HOward) stars there...
    I enjoyed Boston Common before...
    Do you guys remember the guy in "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch movie? The "jock" there is actually Berg (a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds)
  • munikmunik PExer
    :cool: show!
  • runerune PExer
    sugar_a....yup i saw that "A taste of love" on cinemax...guy met his match on that girl...how'd you like to encounter a girl like her character...hmmmmm
  • Traylor Howard (the cute chick. =)) is also in the movie "CONFESSIONS of a SEXIST PIG". Making the rounds on cable now, catch it if you can. It is really funny.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • isn't she norm macdonald's love interest in dirty work too?
  • MOONBERRY: Gosh golly, you are absolutely correct. LOL. Dirty Work was such a stupid movie. I loved it.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • funny sobra! and ang cute ng 2 guys. ang saya siguro kung housemates mo ang 2 yun. parang ang kulit-kulit nila. :)
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